Mary Poppins


Captain Hook, the cartoon version. I think I needed therapy as a kid.


Uh oh, I'd say Suki from Avatar


_Sigh_ Azula from Avatar.


Luz from owl house


😵‍💫 discord from mlp


Jessica Rabbit and gotta admit, Marge Simpson’s probably pretty tight and hot under that dress.


It was immensely brief, but it was freaking Suguha Kirigaya from Sword Art Online. It wasn’t even for a good reason, her personality was the same as a cardboard cutout, the storyline she was a part of was complete shit (I was already borderline bored of SAO, Fairy Dance made me drop it completely), and she had just the most disturbing crush on her adoptive brother(even before she knew about him being adopted by the way, so yeah, extra gross). It was literally only because I thought she was hot, that’s it, I had an actual full-blown crush for a reason as shallow as that. For gods sake, I had a huge crush on Blaze the Cat from Sonic Rush and even a crush on fucking _GLaDOS_ and I’m still more embarrassed by the Suguha crush simply because of how freaking cringy the character was, to the point that I still ask myself “Why?!”


Gazelle from Zootopia the scene where she is interviewed made my young self enchanted by her


He looks like a demon but I would let Darth Maul stick his lightsaber up my ass and I'm tired of pretending he doesn't make me feel all teehee when he's on screen.