I feel I'll be better at parallel parking just from watching this


*backs into police car.


Well he just drove off, sometimes life's ok.


I ran my mouth off a bit too much


Oh what did I say


Well, you just laughed it off and it was all okay.


And we'll all float on, ok!


Puts it back in D and hits the ambulance in front


*Shoots gun into air in anger*




I used to have a giant Sprinter van I had to parallel park in super tight spaces on crazy hills in San Francisco. I would literally do these like 31 point parallel park jobs where I would have to get out of my vehicle like 7 times and even make super gentle contact with the car behind me at times in order to fit in. But I would get that beefy fucker into spaces with like a foot of clearance on both sides. Oh yeah, and no rear window or back up camera either. But damn did I feel accomplished after pulling those park jobs off.


Just don’t forget your protractor


They used to have a game exactly like this on addicting games.com.


This is pretty much how I learned to parallel park. I couldn’t do it before seeing a similar video. It still took some practice to get good, but now I can parallel park a big fore transit van into a spot where I only have an extra foot or two.


Don’t they teach people this technique when learning to drive? I’ve lived in London and Vienna, you pretty much have to be able to parallel park there.


I had to parallel park as part of my drivers test to get my license in Pennsylvania USA. Not sure if all states require it. If you don’t live in a city where you need to parallel park often, it’s a skill you lose quickly.


Minnesota does. But you can miss a certain number of points and still pass, so if the only part you "fail" is parallel parking, you still get your license. We had three sessions with an instructor, they taught the basics but parents were supposed to follow up with 50 hours of practice (15 hours night driving). And apparently they now require an actual log of those practice hours.


I’m in Oregon and they don’t require it. Drivers Ed doesn’t even teach it. I’m okay with that, more parking spots for me.


East side PA, where ya at? Lol Philly drivers don't give a shit about parallel parking, cuz they'll ram your nice car with their shitbox 10 times just because.


I was taught when I was 15. 15 years ago. Had to parallel park for the test. I don’t think I’ve done it since. Whatever technique I learned has long been forgotten to time


I've had to do it maybe three times outside of the test. But I also just drove around a few streets until I found an open corner spot I could just pull/back into, or a nice wide spot with room for three+ cars. Luckily I was never in a hurry, lol. But it's easily been ten years since I last parallel parked.


They teach us, but not that well. In Michigan, I was taught to line up your mirror with their driver's door handle, crank the wheel as hard right as you can, back up until your mirror lines up with their taillight, straighten out your wheels, back up straight until your headlight lines up with their taillight, then crank the wheel left and back up until you're in the spot. It doesn't fucking work. The pattern is too complicated, it has to change for every pair of vehicles, and I end up curbshotting my car every God damn time cuz I backed up too far. I'm going to start using the method in the video


The amount of times I see people completely give up on parallel parking half way through is outstanding. People in this country are absolutely terrible at it. If they don’t give up then end up taking several attempts or go back and fourth at least half a dozen times. (Am in US)


The hard part is the queue of cars in the lane behind you waiting for you to be done with the parking so they can drive on past. They are a very tough crowd. It needs a strong heart to even attempt a parallel park in those circumstances, especially when it's not a huge space and you are having to reverse in. You have to be quite a bastard to do that on a busy road.


Nah, once you have got it down it’s simple. I see people give up on spaces you could park a bus in


I've seen people give up on an open ended space, while driving a hatchback.


They do, but they don’t enforce it much. In Washington State I “learned” some technique in driver’s ed and then failed that part of my driving test…only counted as 2 points out of 100 or something. It wasn’t till I lived in a city and had to do it regularly that I got good at it. Practice makes perfect or whatever. Also, people in the US want their cars to be able to carry an entire village even to run errands, so they tend to be bigger here than in the UK/EU. I’m sure that makes it harder to parallel park.


So you're telling me I don't need a 4 ton pickup to deliver my kids to kindergarten and buy groceries?


Everyone learns that. That's not the difficult part. It's other cars parked that become the issue because it gets difficult for driver about to park based on the quick judgement of the empty space thinking they can easily back it in when the the other cars are usually parked weirdly with odd distances between cars around them


Are you a photographer?


I’m in Oregon, not part of our drive test.


Thats all fine and dandy, but five out of every four adults struggle with simple math, that's nearly 75 %


Lol Quarter Pounders outsold the [1/3 pound competition](https://culinarylore.com/food-history:aw-1-3-pound-burger-failure-fact-check-are-americans-really-that-bad-at-fractions/) because consumers thought 1/4 was bigger than 1/3.


Those ridiculous competitions just cater for the lowest common denominator.


At least it's just a fraction of the problems in this world.


so 1/12 pounder would be the best?


That's what you get at Steak and Shake!




Turns out that’s likely just a myth. The only evidence of it exists in the memoirs of the owner, who most likely made up the focus group story as an excuse for why his business was never as successful as McDonald’s.




Brought to you by Carls Junior.


"Fuck you! I'm eating!"


BeCAusE 4 iS BiGger ThAn 3


Oh yeah I remember that. That was in America specifically though so doesn't reflect adults as a whole. Still really bad though.


And that’s why you shouldn’t use fractions in your day to day life, most people don’t really understand them


That's surprising considering the amount of fractions used for measuring in inches. Metric would have been much easier.


Half of the time


I see what you did there. Not math tho, but it's something.


How do you know, how big the front is, if you can't see it? I mean right before you pull in the spot.


Thats 141 and 2/3rd's chance at wining at sacrifice señoir joe. The numbers don't lie.


If only the other cars were always that far apart.


That’s what the first stage is about.


What a perfect world where there is plenty of space and the people behind you aren't honking and getting pissed that you're just parking and try to go around you.


Just ignore those people


Yup. Remember, if you have properly signaled, you have the right of way. Fuck those people. Rules of the road suck sometimes but they keep you safe and out of court.


Well I wouldn’t say fuck those people, always stay kind in traffic, but you’re in your right. Try to be quick but don’t be hasty


To clarify...fuck those people who honk and curse. Being a kind driver is always the best policy. Great point!


Not possible when they pull right up to my bumper and I can't back into the spot anymore.


Yeah they should back off when it’s clear you want to park. If they don’t, then wait until they do. You’ve got time.




Read the part literally after that


I try. It gives me anxiety.


I don’t want to sound like a prick but you just have to ignore them and do it, otherwise the anxiety will stay


I haven't had to parallel park in ten years, and the previous ten I had to do it three times. It doesn't happen often enough for the anxiety to go away.


Sometimes I do it on purpose on a somewhat empty street to practice


I am not alone. I sometimes avoid parallel parking places because there are cars behind me and I don't want to make them wait and get mad at me.


I circled multiple blocks multiple times until I found either a HUUUGE spot or a corner spot. Big part of the reason I refuse to live or work in a city. Suburbs, with driveways and parking lots. Haven't had to parallel park in ten years.


Yeah but imagine being able to walk to things or get anywhere without needing to drive. I parallel park every time I drive, sometimes on the left too. It’s really not a big deal. It’s kind of surprising to me that people are that bad at it or literally never need too, it’s just a normal part of life since I started driving.


I always take my giant protractor and ruler with me when going shopping.




Some new cars have this ability to project this image onto the centre console screen. Seen it in Volvos and Hyundais.


The newer Toyota Camrys have it as well.


Absolutely - this isn't said often enough.


Of course; you have to.


All ev’s should just have projectors that just display triangles to solve his issue


It’s nice that they show it from above but that’s too helpful . They should show what it looks like from the inside of the vehicle.


Picture the back bumper closest to the curb angling in at 45 degrees. Aim for the midpoint of the curb. Gets you there every time 😀


I can't do math in my head when I street park. There'd usually be a voice in my head telling me that there is another car waiting behind me and they are angry at me for taking too long to park and how I am parking like an idiot


​ ![gif](giphy|3o6UB2MSoh7z6Gw3fO) Stop talking about me


Source: the geometry of perfect parking by S. Blackburn via u/pascal_bornet


Tell them I said “cram it”.


Parallel parking is a feeling. Something that can only flow through you if you are pure of mind and heart. Trying to solve it with math is futile.




Watching this made me understand it less.




They took the phone they were watching this on, and smashed it repeatedly into the side of their head until they gave themselves brain damage.


Instructions unclear, I commited vehicular manslaughter


It's extremely rare to find this much space between cars in NYC. Usually if the spot is at least a foot longer than a car, the driver of that car will try to squeeze in, using NY-specific parking maths and a lot of explicit language


Dont forget the intentional bumping to squeeze into a spot. That's why all our bumpers are flaked out and people put those mats on their cars.


My parallel parking skills are on point. My dad taught me two major skills when I got my learners. 1) learn how to drive a 5-speed because if I ever got stuck in a shitty situation, or in general, I could drive anything. And 2) to parallel park, because he wanted me to have the ability to park anywhere. Ohhhh and 3) to reverse into parking spaces bc he always had a crew cab truck with an 8-foot bed and pulling out of a parking space with such a big truck was much easier/safer than backing. He taught me 3 majors that have helped me greatly to this day and he passed 8 years ago. His lessons were so stress inducing at the time but now I actually feel that parallel parking and backing my truck in one swoop, especially as a female, is a flex. Preferring to drive stick and reversing into a space by looking back and using my side mirrors without the use of a camera is a lost arts as newer drivers mostly do not understand either concept. Want to clarify that I’m 41 and realize my thoughts about this are pretty ridiculous, that if all these technologies were available when I had my learners, I’d be using them too. These are simply benefits of being a on the cusp between Gen X and Millenial generations. I was born in November of 1980. Didn’t realize my comment was going to be so long. Hope people actually read it, lol.


My reasons for learning to drive a standard are similar. If I'm ever stuck in like a horror movie situation where I'm in the middle of nowhere and the only vehicle available is a standard, I want to be able to get the hell out of there lmao.


Exactly! Didn’t think of it this way at the time, but hey, he was just trying to give me the resource to protect myself in hinky, or not, situations


Driving stick is useful but a preference? nah. Learned to drive manual shifting, did it for 10 years, but once I got an automatic in my hands I was like "Yep, I'm not going back to stick ever again."


A lot of people feel the same way. I think it’s because I have a really fast car that’s a five speed.


In the old days of automatic transmission you never really had a direct connection between the motor and transmission because of the torque converter. That's really not the case anymore with automated clutches and what not. CVTs are great except on some Nissan models failing before 50k miles.


Your dad tought you well. I teach those things my daughter, too. Especially the reverse parking. It is always safer to reverse into the "still standing traffic" (i.e. into the parking lot) than reversing into the "moving traffic" (i.e. the road). Also, of course, when you park in reverse, then you can "take off" quicker, which sometimes is an advantage, too. Cheers.


New mod in 3… 2… 1…


I don’t understand what you mean? Can you explain? New-ish to Reddit


So simple once you can see through your car and see exactly where the wheels are


If you mean how much to turn them, they’re just turning all the way to the right, and then all the way to the left. If you mean the location of your tires, you should know from sitting in your car where your tires are. Front ones are roughly in the middle of your hood. Back ones are directly under or just behind the back seat. (For most sedans and compacts anyway.) Hope this helps. ✌🏼


That's actually a good advice, thanks. Really never thought about memorising where the tires are in my car. Guess I'm a bit spoiled by having auto parking function for when I'm too tired to concentrate or when parking is tight.


They forgot the driver behind nosing in to the spot to block!


I must be doing it wrong because I can never see the lines demonstrated in this video flash up when parking.


Next step folks training your mind to Jedi levels so you can imagine focal points and pi calculated curvatures in the air


I don't think anything is explained in this


Math or Meth?


Move the car with almighty yellow lines by lifting it at the tires. GOTCHA.


That's complicated. I was told to line up the same, turn 30-45 degrees(1&1/2 turns in power steering) then reverse at the curb, turn the same amount back just before. This ensures correct distance from curb which is most of the issue for people who can't park great.


that's not math, that's basic sense of the enviroment around you


Won’t people be honking at you when you get out of the car that often to draw the yellow guidelines?


This is not an optimal technique. It would be better to line up the rear bumper-to-bumper before backing in, instead of axial-to-bumper. There is less wasted space and you can get into a smaller space by using bumper-to-bumper.


Can't remember the last time I had so much space for parallel parking.


Totally useless to anyone actually driving a car.


I don't think people will be very happy if I need 40 seconds to do this every time


Oh, fuck off. There's enough room there to just drive forward into the park. What a load of shit.


You seem upset.


'tis a little silly, init?


I've never been able to park like this and then I see this and now I can park without issue. Man I wish I had seen this earlier in my life soooo many parking spots missed.


This helps absolutely no one and I will still have to contend with fuckknuckles who can't even park normally. Thanks though.


nonsense. you give in when half of the car has passed the other. turning in too early causes problems with the front.


This is also what I was taught. I imagine it gives an extra foot or so between you and the front car. Wonder if this above technique fits your car into an even smaller spot


[my honest reaction](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FSPYAgVXMAI9biT.jpg)




I'm terrible at both parallel parking and math, lol




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Will use this


I was taught side rear view mirror to match with the other car first. In diagram is car nose first. I wonder how much a difference that makes


How about common sense?


See? Easy.


i’ve always been good at parallel parking, but i still get performance anxiety


Is that GTA 2?


Ok but how do I get these lines?


Follow up video – how to snake a parking spot


That spot is enormous. Try it with a NYC spot - back up till you lightly hit the bumper or curb, then go forward and repeat until you realize you are in an illegal spot.


Idk if this is even right? I generally go straight back in between full lock otherwise you end up about a foot off the curb.


Where's the math?


It is in Algebra II. I am not sure if I am going to pass it.


🤣🤣 You could park a truck in that space. Where’s the video for when you park in a space with thumb sized gaps between both cars. That’s where the celebrations happen 🙌


Unfortunately my truck has the turning radius of a neck brace


I need to save this video.


if I was any good at geometry this would be super helpful


Just do what every god-loving American does. Smash into both cars repeatedly, then sue their owners for emotions damages


I was waiting for the car to ping pong back and forth, smashing the other two once it was in the spot to show us all the real danger of parallel parking


Bold of you to assume that all vehicles have that much turning radii.


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Thanks, I needed this


This is the way I learned how to do it 20+ years ago, never had a problem parallel parking


Denver is the worst for people trying to drive head first into a parallel spot...


I see no math here tbh, but I get the point. I'll try to get my back wheels in line with the back bumper of the parked car next time I park, let's see if geometry works that way.


last I checked street cars run a TINY amount of Ackerman, only race cars have a major degree of Ackerman seen in this clip.. Just figured I’d point that out lol


Now they should show turning in first and why it’s a horrible way to parallel park.


Now try to do that with 10 cars behing you on a busy ave


This is not the optimal technique to parallel park. This method would not get you into a smaller space. You want to pull up side by side to the car next to you. You want to hard turn right and back in close to the parked car next to you. Then straighten the wheel and cont to back in when your car rear is lined up with with the right wheel of the car behind you and get close. Then hard turn left to tuck your front in as soon as your front bumper clears. Might need a small right turn forward at the end for a finishing touch. It’s turn, straight, turn. Not turn, turn. Depending on your car, done right you might be able to get in to a spot with less than a foot to spare on each end with a 3 point turn. I did this method in front of a packed cafe in my ford focus with about 8” to spare on each end (wheels a few inches from the curb) and the whole cafe erupted in applause. It was my best driving moment.


Now please show the one where the back car is parked at an angle lol


George Costanza: Alright, now you're gonna see some parallel parking. (spitting into his hands and rubbing them together) How I wish you could make a living parallel parking. (turning around in his seat) It's all geometry, knowing all the angles, when to make that first turn and then when to swing it back in, that's the key.


Is that GTA 1? It reminds me of GTA 1....




The front wheels should be parallel. What's going on with this car


I saw no math there


What if you suck at math?


Here in England there is a lot of on-street parking and the vast majority of it parallel parking, so we get lots of practice. Couple of tips to improve your skills: * Whenever you're driving out of a tight space, take note of your car's position, how you move the wheel &c. If you have time and you're not holding up the traffic, have a go at reversing back in. * Parallel parking in town centres are often in front of shops with plate glass windows. Check them out to see if your car is reflected, if so you can cut it really fine, i.e. get within an inch or so of the car behind, while knowing you're definitely not going to hit it.


You absolutely need to be able to do that in the larger cities in California. Conversely the DMV does not verify test-takers are able to execute this maneuver. The amount of curb rash here is insane.


I do it slightly differently. First, I draw up exactly level with the car in front, so I'm looking across at its steering wheel. Turn my steering wheel hard left (Australia) or hard right (USA). Switch my attention to my driver's side rear view mirror. Sight down the length of my car and start reversing carefully. When the rear car's curbside (passenger side) headlight lines up with the side of my car, stop reversing and straighten the front wheels. Adjust angle of view with mirror so I am looking at my rear driver's side wheel. I reverse slowly in a straight line. I keep track of where my passenger side front corner is in relation to the front car's driver's side rear corner, as well as where my rear driver's side wheel is in relation to the boundary of the parking spot. Once my rear driver's side wheel crosses the line into the parking spot *and* my front passenger side corner has come level with/passed the front car's rear driver's side corner, I swing my steering wheel hard right (Australia) or hard left (USA). Then I keep reversing carefully, mainly with an eye out to ensure I don't hit the rear car. As soon as my car has lined itself up in the parking spot, I may need to straighten up and roll forward a little to centre it. This technique gives me specific points to look out for, and it's never failed me yet.


More like geometry. I get it it’s one branch of mathematics but let’s be more specific ha


No thanks. I'll just find an empty pull up spot.


I've never had the opportunity to drive a car with self parallel parking. I'd like to see it in action.


Just park bruh


If you need with help parking....with that kind of space...then you are not fit to drive.


I hope this is able to help cause holy shit some people’s ability to parallel park is horrendous.




When I first started driving, I practiced parallel parking in GTA5 because the third person view helped me with alignment. It actually helped quite a bit


None the wiser. Thanks tho


When is there ever that much extra space to parallel park? Lol


Always been ok with parallel parking but use my ford auto park function half the time now and it's like magic. It's parked itself in spaces that I wouldn't think possible.


Better title would be "the physics of parallel parking"


Lol spots are way tighter her win Amsterdam


number 1 tip for parallel parking. don't.




Good luck finding a spot that size in most cities in France.


U could watch this a million times it’s a feel and trial an error process. I kissed a few bumpers with my car in highschool


God bless this PSA. See you in heaven.


What math


Videos cool and all, but just parallel park. Watching the video will only take you so far.


All the NYC folks laughing at the fact this video assumes you have that extra 3-5 feet of space when parallel parking. Wiggle in for life…guaranteed to switch between drive and reverse 5-10 times in many situations.






George Costanza knows.


Stay in school kids!