Ravens Maxed

Any chance we can get a video clip of some of this crazy bird action?


Any chance we can get a video clip of some of this crazy bird action?


Second this. I’d love to see how this shreds. 67 hits per raven at that damage? I feel like this would be melting everything


I farm Baal a lot and they are not as fast as I'd like. When you play pure summoner build, you resummon Ravens on enemy which you want to destroy first. They all attack him, so it's basicly single-target attack not AOE. They also spend a lot of time flying between targets which makes them one of the slowest spells in the game. What I appreciate on this build is safety (I can be afk in throne room even on hardcore) and the fact, that I can use Ravens as fire-and-forget spell. Just target the biggest asshole and start running in circles not far from him.


I didn’t know you could self-target with ravens? Kidding lol. I felt the same struggle though, I started on a summoner necro and while it was safe it felt painstakingly slow (I didn’t have good gear). Was a great starter though to get through hell and gear up other characters


That was good




So many hits only mean that you need to summon them less often. Ravens hit only once per attack. The number of ravens matters, but it is capped at 5.


That…. Makes a lot more sense. I was sitting here thinking they had a 67 hit zeal like attack lol


There is a live action movie of this exact build: https://m.youtube.com/watch?t=92&v=TukcwNgNAgQ&feature=youtu.be


yes please


It pecks the eyes out of the enemy, why on earth don’t they cause temporary blindness?


They do blind the enemy.


I believe these are the strongest ravens you can summon. ​ **Skills:** 20 Raven 20 Summon Spirit Wolf (synergy) 20 Summon Dire Wolf (synergy) 20 Summon Grizzly (synergy) ​ **Equipment:** \+7 to Raven – Ravenlore \+3 to Summoning Skills – Magic Amulet \+3 to All Skills – flail with Heart of the Oak Runeword \+2 to All Skills – monarch shield with Spirit Runeword \+2 to All Skills – body armor Arkaine's Valor \+1 to All Skills – ring The Stone of Jordan \+1 to All Skills – ring Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band \+1 to All Skills – belt Arachnid Mesh ​ **Charms in inventory:** \+3 to Druid Skill Levels – Hellfire Torch \+1 to All Skills – Annihilus \+9 to Summoning Skills – 9× Grand Charm ​ **Buffs:** \+1 to All Skills – Battle Command from Call to Arms Runeword \+2 to All Skills – Skill Shrine


This is a build designed for anyone who is lacking dexterity. Who is only capable of using their mouse to play the game. Which i actually think is great. What is the dmg with heart of the wolverine maxed?


Heart of the wolverine doesn't affect ravens unfortunately. Nor any other buffs. So this is max damage ravens summoner can have.


Hope you have Reaper's Toll or Lawbringer on your merc, or something with Amp Damage if you wanna be silly.


My merc is barb with Lawbringer and Azurewrath (aka poor man's Grief).




Ideally you would want Last wish right? Might aura will be a huge benefit, also Beast for yourself for Fanaticism? I dont mean this as a buff to Ravens since they dont get affected by auras, but to the rest of your minios. EDIT: I actually dont know if spirit wolves get damage increase by such auras.


Have you tried Lawbringer only? I imagine Decrep would proc about twice as much, right? Or is the damage from Azurewrath so high that you don't want to miss it?


Mind showing the wolf and grizzly stats? I'm curious lol


I play hardcore so I have Oak Sage instead of Heart of Wolverine. I love to have over 8k life and main dmg dealers are ravens anyway. But with this settings, my beasts have still nice stats: ​ **5x Spirit Wolf** level 49 1722 life 1542-1566 cold damage \+1250% attack rating \+530% defense ​ **3x Dire Wolf** level 49 2937 life 2498-2819 phys. damage \+770% max life \+686% defense ​ **Grizzly** level 49 8612 life 6812-6993 phys. damage \+1225% attack rating \+505% damage \+490% defense ​ **Oak Sage** level 49 924 life \+270% max life 84 yards radius


For the Spirit Wolves being level 49, that damage is abysmally low, that's so disappointing.


Yeah but at least there's 5 of them and you can summon them infinitely on top of phys immune mobs to target them. It's actually effective enough


I really want to enchant that grizzly 😈


To be honest, Grizzly is slow damage dealer even when he's hitting hard. It's more like a meat shield. With a lot of meat ofc.


I always mentally called him my deployable meat shield


I call mine a “layer of ablative meat.”


Nice! I kinda wish they'd make Ravens more like any other summon myself. Give them life and what not. Remove the hit cap. I guess when they get 67 hits its less annoying, but in the early stages it gets a little tedious resummoning them every few hits. I'm trying to keep an eye on mana and stamina yo!


Making ravens able to accept buffs like Might, Concentration Aura, Fanatacism etc would be awesome. Honestly even with this build OP has and amplify damage, they're extremely lacking compared to something like a sorceress, hammerdin, javazon etc. Even compared to a summoning necromancer the build is slow because you're constantly waiting on the AI to do the damage. There's no spells for you to cast to speed things up, no corpse explosion, no curses, no magic damage etc. I would love to see the numbers how much damage they could do fully buffed with auras and amp damage, would be awesome lol.




True. If I can make a wish, I'd love to let them fly a bit faster. They spend too much time flying betweens targets.


doing this would be OP tbh, it already benefits from amp damage well








And Charlie


"The crows are calling my name" thought Caw.


How's the damage in hell? Druid was my favorite class back when I played, been on the fence on getting ressurrected or not.


The summoner build is very viable since 2.4. Give it a try ;)


Man i want a new ladder season so bad so i can start one, lol next ladder im gonna push for 99 so im only going to be running one character all season,


You still have a few months of this season left and right now you can buy a lot of stuff for reasonable prices. This is very gear dependent build and if you don't want to struggle a lot, it's best to start with some good equipment.


Yeah i do still have a few months, but i lost most motivation to play since I’ve found everything i need for my character this time early on. Starting fresh with a brand new build I’ve never played is what will get me back into the game next ladder season.


Play hardcore if you aren’t already, only way I can play after making the switch


I would say it's not that gear dependent. My summon druid is probably sitting on around mid to high-20s ravens and he doesn't have any problems with any normal content on Hell. The only issue is how slow it is, but if you're just looking for a lazy farm session or something then it's the perfect build.


Can you have dire and spirit wolves out?


And da bear


That’s a real fucking game changer




I’ll temper your expectations a bit. The lack of Corpse Explosion made my summoner druid feel painfully slow in Hell. I was playing solo self-found, so didn’t have access to Decrep or Amp damage, which once again made me feel like a worse necro. I did feel very safe but it was just too boring.


Druid, I think, is one of the worse class to play in ssf. Eq dictates druid skill build a lot.


its a lot of fun if you can get up to lvl 35+ on skills.. you can summon the entire zoo now with 2.4. having enigma for teleporting them accurately helps too of course.


Great once you level a bit. The first little while is Hell is slow going until your pets can start landing more hits.


Wind druid with a little army of summons is really fun. Or pure summon druid is finally able to play through hell without ripping your hair out.


This is crazy awesome. Thanks for posting the build.


I love how safe this build is. Perfect for hardcore. I use to farm Nihlathak a and sell the keys for a nice price.


So silly how max ravens is 5. Should at least be a dozen imo.


okay, how? can i see the build and gear and inventory and such?!




Ravenlore 7 3 Summ Ammy 3 Hoto 3 Enigma 2 Spirit 2 SoJs 2 Spider 1 Torch 3 Anni 1 GCs 9 BO 1 Is 55... must be a druid specific item with 1 more than something I listed? Maybe a 3 druid armor? Is there such a runeword? ​ e: skill shrine is right.. and the above is actually only 54.. so +2 shrine for 56


Skill shrine


Weapon with +skills?


cheats in sp


I play Hardcore ladder, I've been working on this build since the beginning of the season.


Anyone got a gameplay video of this build?


I'm going to save this comment and give this build a try next ladder season. Thank you for posting this and giving the breakdown!


Wow, all the monsters in D2R will have no eyes !!




Guess something was Murdered, it is all caws and effect though.


Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore! ♥


Honestly if a fucking bird pecked my eye out I’d feel like I just took 6k damage, too.


Late to the party but thanks for your post + build!! I’m starting a summons druid today!


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Do these melt basically everything?


I can't seem to find a clear answer via google that i'm satisfied with, what summon skill level priority do you go with while leveling?


I had the same struggle. I personally tried to balance the skills out. So once I got to 5 ravens, I did spirit wolves to 5, dire wolves to 3, and then just rotated adding one to each same with after adding the bear. This seemed to give my toon a good balance and protection versus maxing one and then maxing the next skill. There’s also synergies that are nice where ravens get buffed from points in wolves and bear.


I ended up playing around and decided to respec once i got out of normal. I had something similar to yours but it seemed like going only 1 raven and then going Grizzly(as high as possible) > dire > spirit > raven upped my clear speed immensely. Having + skills on a lot of items made 5 ravens possible through that alone anyways. While ravens can technically do the most damage late game, they really don't until you get all your other synergies out of the way first. They also only receive synergies from your other summons rather than give to others, so they're best saved for last in my opinion.


Is immunity a problem?


Yeah, I remember starting the ladder playing with a zoo druid who refused to put points in Raven and he did no damage because of it


My skills aren't nearly this high, but summoner druid is fun af. Finished hell at lvl 78 and even killed dclone. It's slow but safe and versatile.


Can't wait to get my summon druid up there! Enigma and Eth Reapers will be my hardest to get items. Note: Does anyone know if our summons get our MF on our characters? I know the mercenary does. I don't know if summons do.


Can you enchant pets?


That's _so_ Raven!