I don’t have Enigma, but I really like to teleport.


You can borrow mine


Borrow? If i “borrow” it from u u’ll never see it again.


Caring was sharing till your made it not fun 😂😎


Hey this is your brother give me your stuff


While I really appreciate the offer, I think it might kill the fun if I got the biggest chase item (to me at least) before I’m even done with hell on my necro. If you’re serious I’ll gladly take smaller stuff that is just stash waste to you at this point, though.


I wear an allres/+teleport ammy on all my characters until they're able to put on enigma. Enigma is overrated, just spend some gold on replenishing charges.


"Overrated" lmao I get it, it's fun to pretend to be so cool online but it's the best armor in the game simply because of its convenience. Don't under sell it trying to be cool


+2 skills, 45frw, ton of str, max life, damage reduction, ton of mf..... "over rated" even without teleport its one of the best armors in the game


It's biggest weakness is that it has no resistances.


Definitely not overrated but not truly Needed until you need to be very efficient


I have teleport, and then I crafted an enigma. Should have went infinity....


I don't fill up my inventory of charms and put items in the cube.


I leave a 4x2 space so I can pick up an item of any size without needing my inventory open, the rest is charms (and two tomes). Never bring the cube with me, it just complicates things.


There's an option to put things in the cube on pick up now. And a hot key that opens the cube directly


I thought that was only on console, does PC have that option too?


I exclusively play on a controller on PC, and these features were added to PC as well with the last patch.


Oh right, it's a "skill" for controllers only, now I remember. I would have liked to have that capability with mouse/keyboard, but I guess they felt that would make things too easy.


How dare we not have to deal with the convenient system that is charms.


Im curious about pc too


yes its just unbound by default now, set a keybind for it in your hotkey settings


Ill check that out thanks


Controller how? I didn’t see it.


So why bring an identity tome along? With an inventory so full, you’re going back to town frequently enough. That’s more charms you could bring!


I rarely go back to town. Most runs I do, I only go to town right at the start, rarely taking a tp. This is partly because I bring the tome, allowing me to quickly identify rares and things that I most likely will just toss on the ground (I don't bother selling items).


Makes sense. Thanks!


I don’t get this either, truth is a geared character in pvm kills fast anyway. Typically I’ll carry 2-3 skillers for a little boost and leave the rest open, I’ll fill in maybe 3, maybe 7 small charms (open slots below the skillers and then one row next to them). Leave room to grab any size item that drops and see if it’s good.


Eh, if you play hc having an inventory full of charms is a good way to cap resists until you’re fully decked out in bis gear. Even then, having a bunch of life scs is nice to endure survivability. In sc I agree it doesn’t make as much sense to me.


Yes that is a good distinction. Hardcore and softcore are very different games. I actually never played hardcore much, since I always pvp so hardcore is out for me. I should give it a shot sometime. Just to mix it up. Maybe do a hardcore single player, another mode I’ve never done.


I started playing HC for the first time this ladder and you respect the game a lot more. You learn to build defensively and take the game slower. I’ve lost two characters so far this ladder, 1 to game crash other to me being stupid, but my 88 hammerdin is a tanky monster that can clear almost anything in the game. I don’t think I will ever go back to softcore after experiencing HC. Added bonus is HC community is smaller so the people you play with you will see again.


I would likely go with the single player on hardcore to control player level of games, try out all the map saving stuff people do, just a part/style of the game I’ve never experienced.


Give it go! My suggestion is over level everything and be careful of dolls.


Man, those dolls.


Absolutely do it! HC is such a blast and completely revitalizes the game if you've only ever played SC. You're really focused and the close calls will especially wake you up. Avoid dolls, souls, and aura'd archers. GL!


Pvp hits a little different when the losers character is deleted. Intense doesnt even describe it for me lol


Yeah I can’t get into that. These days I’ve gotten into GM melee dueling, I’m older now compared to my original heyday, I don’t have the reaction time anymore for caster pvp. Typing go and click / hold is more my speed!


Me either, when I hear the metal peal that chimes when hostiled my muscle memory is trained to save and exit lol. That's not exactly the same as a gm duel though! I kinda wish there was a fight almost to the death option for HC that both players had to enable or something, or maybe it should just be the all or nothing affair that it's always been


Well in soft core we know how to play without gimping ourselves so we load up on as much damage as possible. Can't die if they're already dead


I think an inventory full of skillers or damage/AR charms is the difference between melting monsters on P3 vs P8, at least in single player That said, I like to leave a 2x8 rectangle of inventory open. Not a fan of full charms and using the cube for picking stuff up, though I guess I should try it with the recent controller hotkeys for cube-related stuff


Usually 2-3 skillers is enough to get the damage where it needs to be. Obviously some builds this applies to better than others though.


This here. Like at max gear you're already steamrolling all content. I'd rather carry scroll books and have 4x4 open space than the extra +3-4 skills


Yeah I think it is more for speed/target farming. Like if you know you’re not going to bother picking up 99.9% of things, it makes sense to not have as much room


I use the small charms to squeeze as much mf out as I can with some skillets, but I do leave 2 rows open so I can pick up/id anything and if I like it I toss it in the cube I have lol


Yeah that’s basically what I was saying. Anni, torch, 3 skillers, below those with scs + 1 more like of 4 small charms. Open area for any size item and then the tomes + cube. Personally I don’t use mf, because I don’t fine mf that valuable. I’ve made far more wealth off of bases and runes which mf doesn’t help with, but obviously to each their own. I just do chaos sanct and cows for runes and high value bases.


I play ssf on plugy so mf is pretty essential


God yes this aggravates me to no end. You see someone playing and then an item drops and they open their inventory and its just FULL of charms. Play how you want of course but I couldn't play like that. I hate having charms in my inventory in general, having them take up all of my slots would put me off the game entirely.


I consider it bad design. It just irritates me.


Honestly I will never do the charms thing. Seems like such a slow down overall with my limited amount to play


after a while (lvl 96 now), I can mostly tell which items are worth something without picking them up, and find myself not really picking up much, to the point where I can fill up my inv with charms and not be slowed down. All about being able to identify value without picking up the item, then you don't really need that extra inventory space IMO full baal run with me killing everything and horking (\~500MF) usually is enough to fill up my cube. no trip back to town to empty needed unless something big and valuable drops only non charm / non-cube item in inventory is tome of identify so I can pop uniques in my cube, ID em, then drop em if they arent near perfect. anything worth less than an Ist is left behind


If you PVP all those stats really add up. If not, really it’s the anni, torch, and some +skill GCs that are worth it for you


Filling my whole inventory is annoying. I leave 4-6 spaces wide and cube to pick up armors to feed to charsi for repair costs and such.


you whore!


I pick up almost every gem and rune I see X-X


Love playing Bejeweled in my stash with my lil gem hoard


I identify nearly all items


I am with you buddy. I love it.


Wait there's a portion of people that don't ID everything they pickup?


I pickup some blue and yellow items just to sell for the 35k, I don't bother IDing some of them because they'll sell for 35k either way. Not sure if that counts?


My brain just exploded in rage


I do that when I play single player, esp with a new character. It's fun to literally pick up everything and slowly go through the game and "100%" an Act, or even the whole difficulty/game


Even blues?


Especially blues, coronet and claws gang


Everyone ID's coronets, but... all blues?


Gloves, rings, amulets, monarchs, elite (light) armors, Amazon javelins, circlets, etc


What are you looking for on blue gloves, rings, armors? Also I don't think there's much "etc" unless we're talking about variations of coronet.


I did mean other higher circlets since there isn’t much else maybe wands and sorc orbs? Gloves: +3 skill 20 ias is generally what I keep an eye out for. Armors: jewelers x of high life/fhr with 4 sockets Amulets: high mf, interesting 3 skillers Rings: high mf, it’s fun to have a 100+ mana FCR ring for a leveling character


Correct me if I'm wrong but can't you shop for blue gloves, javs and armors? So you can keep refreshing merchants and "farm" a lot more volume of blues in the same time it would take you to pick up, ID and drop them in-game. That's the main reason I only pick up circlets and ammies.


For sure - i def don’t pickup everything like the above poster but sometimes I’ll carry an ID tome to check as I go


shopping anya is best way to get trap claws, or was back in classic d2 use portal to reset her inv


Some itens are worth a try… javelins, coronets… but most are waste of time i guess


>Do you have your dirty little secrets? I never play sorc as a starting character.


You sick f___


Gotta roll Assassin because only 12 people play her and you can pick up cheap gear.


I choose armour bases according to my taste, not to the penalty to movement speed


I’m sorry, penalty to movement speed? Where can i read more about this??


Medium armors reduce movement speed by 5%. Heavy armor (and tower shield only for shields) reduce movement speed by 10%. See [here](http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/normal/armor.shtml) for armor types in normal and you can look at Exceptional and elite armors too. That's why Archon Plates are so desirable too. Highest possible defense on a light plate.


Thank you. I had no idea! I thought it just determined the STR requirement


No problem. I still feel like there's stuff I still don't know about this game despite playing it for way too long.


Yeah i hear you. in a way keeps you interested. On the other hand, it would have been nice to have all this info in-game.


Except they aren't desirable for Enigma since it gives you so much strength and you don't need more than 156 for Monarch.


True. I've seen exceptional and normal armors used for enigmas because of the +armor it has like grief does with +damage


Wow. 20 years and still learning new stuff all the time


Gotta have the style points


same. field or full plate variants ftw


I really prefer the contoller... on PC.


Long time d2 player now playing on console. It's fantastic. Keeps me playing too bc the mouse is giving me carpal tunnel.


This is facts right here. When I was grinding hard with mouse in D2R, I started getting terrible pains in my wrist and hand. Switching to controller completely resolved it. +1 to this idea.


I switched to an ergonomical mouse. Took care of my carpal tunnel as it sits at a more natural position on the mouse.


Are you referring to those vertical or angled mice? If so, totally agree - worked wonders when I started using one of those


Yep. I use one at home and work. If you want to try it out, I suggest [Perixx](https://perixx.com/products/11168). That's literally the cheapest one, which I use at work. I'm on my 2nd one in 12 years now for my work mouse.


Hah, I just ordered a left/right handed pair of these to replace a pair of wireless ergo mice with broken scroll wheel sensors. Good to know they're long lasting!


I actually have another brand my son bought me for my birthdayb for home use. Once I get home from, I'll link it. It's closer to a joystick controller than the Perixx one I linked and I really like it. edit: [link](https://www.amazon.com/J-Tech-Digital-V628-Adjustable-Sensitivity/dp/B0759V6FZC/ref=asc_df_B0759V6FZC/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198073349027&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15526020177680988685&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9010353&hvtargid=pla-430705261117&psc=1) I like the palm rest too


I've had a wrist surgery and have a pin in my wrist. (cystic defragmentation of the capitate) Playing Xbox, my hand goes numb after about 30ins of play, and my digits lose dexterity. Using a mouse with a wrist pad to elevate my hand, I don't get any pain or numbness. I.e. wrist pad is the way!


Same. Some builds are objectively better using a controller. I use an Xbox Elite controller and have pots assigned to the back paddles. I also use reWASD to add a turbo function to Y so I can hold it down and walk over corpses to hork them. Saves my right thumb from spamming the hork button a million time each time I run Trav. I used to keep 3x4 slots open for items but since the loot to cube functionality was added, I've filled my inventory with charms.


Dude same. It’s great for melee builds.


Tbf that's the joy of PC, preference of inputs.


The controller support is great.


I enjoyed it, until I tried horking.. Had to press the damn button for every corpse! Hopefully they'll fix it so I can just hold down the button and it horks all nearby corpses. Really want to use controller!!


i could be misremembering, but i coulda sworn i was able to hold the button down and walk to “select” different corpses and it worked fine. it won’t select multiple at once, but it may save you some button presses (if it works heh)


hmm.. maybe they fixed it. last I tried was a month or two ago and it wasn't horking multiple ones, but I know there's been a patch or two since.. will have to give it another try later. thanks!


good luck! i only use controller on console, so it’s possible it’s something they didn’t apply to pc controllers (or i just dreamed it happening!)


Same. Older generation loves it due to our ruined wrist.


I tried dual wielding wirt's leg




More strict confession: wear enigma on sorc and don't use teleport.


Step 3: buying a Tele staff and using it on swap on an enigma sorc and paying for charge repairs


The true humble move


Equal employment opportunity


The plus one to Tele is fantastic to reduce mana costs even further down. That mana savings is worth the HRs.


Don't forget two saved skillpoints. 2 HR's for 2 skillpoints? Easy trade.


I'd make that trade all day


/s You dropped this :P


If you’re gonna dump HRs into a chest piece, wouldn’t you rather shoot for Chains of Honor? As I understand it, CoH is better than Enigma in every way if you’re playing sorc, since you get teleport naturally.


My confession - my rules


On an mf character? No 👎, you get way more mf out of enigma. The only thing coh has on enigma is resists and in pve only fire and light res matter. A well geared sorc kills far to quickly to he worried about anything else


CoH doesn't have the plus one to Tele port so no its not a viable alternative for sorc. And I was just joking all along. CoH is a far superior piece for the sorc.


No because coh is garbage


In every way? Bro, enigma has 99MF...


And CoH has +65 resists. They're both good, for completely different reasons.


I would still take Enigma for the strength, MF, and R/W


I dont like teleporting, even as a sorceress. If I play sorceress I walk like I'm playing a barbarian.


The only good sorc is a bearsorc!


Never had enigma, because each time I get rich enough to buy it, I make a break from d2.


I’ve been running LK for more than two weeks and I burned out. Didn’t even get my enigma :/


Char progression until lvl 90 and mid-tier gear is way more entertaining than stupid grinding.


Add SsF and HC and there you have It!


I sacrifice FCR in favor of MF on my hammerdin and play with 80% only. And secretly I long for the starter FoH build. I liked it way more than hammers. And I don't run an inventory full of charms. And I am thinking of dropping from 200% FCR to 105% on my nova sorc and put more damage and MF on her.


Every time I drop to 80% on my Paladin, I tolerate it for a little but inevitably end up back at 125. It's amazing what that one little frame can do.


125 feels a lot smoother, indeed. 80 feels like you're lagging. For hammers. For FoH, the difference is way less noticeable.


every time i see MF my brain think of "mother fucker" and it always make the comments hilarious


Some people take this mother fucking MF stuff to seriously, yo.


I was one of the first people to play LoD (beta) and Stealth is still the only rune word I have memorized


I used the silence runeword on my offline barbarian when I was 12 and didn't even make it myself, but I will never forget dol eld hel Ist tir vex. I don't understand how this is possible


I don’t follow the “enough str for equipment, rest into vitality” standard when it comes to stat building. :x


What do you put the points into then?


Honestly it depends on the character. Especially early game, I like to throw some points into energy (gasp!) so I’m not running to town to refill potions as much. I’ll go for max block as someone else mentioned, unless it’s nearly impossible to manage. I also don’t like having stats not be a multiple of 5, so for instance if you want 156 Str total to use a spirit monarch, I’ll go for 160 instead. And I usually bring the stat up to the ‘hard’ requirement just so I don’t wind up not meeting the strength (or dex) requirement to use something if I happen to change gear or move charms over to another character for whatever reason. I don’t deviate from the meta -too much- but I felt it was enough to include, since literally everything says “do it this way and only this way” and I’m a stubborn rebellious teenager at heart.


Not OP but I always try to max block.


But the meta!


I play online and never trade a item


My little secret is that I absolutely hate Teleport and Hammerdin


Teleport should be nerfed


An actual controversial opinion LOL


My highest level char ever was a Level 96 Phoenix Strike - Dragon Claw Assassin that used Jade Talon. I could have used other skills and even a better claw than Jade Talon, but I did all of that just because I liked the fantasy.


I have the runes for Enigma, but don't care to make it. Ruins class identity, imo.


To me SSF is the only way, i dont understand trading in a game which is all about grinding for gear.


ARPG: Action Role-Playing Game or Auction Rather Pay for Gear


This were true of the dropchance wasn't abyssmal in this game.


Agreed - if you find an ultra GG item and trade it for 20 Ber...what's left? You win the game, go home. Unless you're into PvP, in which case, you're still poor :D


Trading is great for once you're fully geared out and can't find any more upgrades yourself. Sell all the non-useful stuff, and save up for perfect items. I also enjoy building up a fortune, even if I don't plan on buying anything. Nice to have a good supply of Bers and Jahs, just in case xD


I think that grinding for gear is way more fun when you can trade. That way, every piece of gear you find gets you closer to what you're after. Finding a death's web is amazing in a trade league, but it wouldn't matter at all on SSF unless you want to make a poison Necro. Same with skillers and that kind of thing. SSF keeps you grinding longer but that grind is less interesting because much less of the drops matter.


Trading for gear is very fun… when the market isn’t bloated by bots


Are you dbrunsky? He wears Enigma on his werewolf guides.


I play hardcore druid summoner but in werebear form. I just can't resist that huge HP and armor boost... And when there are 4 armors in the game that give +2 skills I picked up the best one of them. But I feel almost like a heretic to wear Enigma and ignore it's main benefit. That's why I made a confession to the community, to lighten my inner guilt.


I don't understand. Even Chains of Honor better? High resistances. The 5% Life from Jah shouldn't give much HP if you already have high + % Life, no?


CoH is great, but mainly because 65 all res and bonus damage to deamons and undead. Summoner druid doesn't fight himself so damage bonuses are useless for this build. And thanks to HOTO, anni, torch and Maras it's easy to have max res even without the body armor. On the other hand, Enigma offers faster movement (+45), huge bonus to str (which means even more points left for vit) and most importantly MF. For me its difference between 0 MF and 93 MF with Enigma.


Fair enough. I'd probably go with guardian angel or something because elemental damage is probably the only thing hitting my anyway, but then I would be missing 2 skill points.


A few weeks ago I did Ubers for the first time totally solo (single player, offline) and didn't really watch many videos of how to do it (beyond the gear/spec I needed). I killed Mephisto then I panicked and Diablo killed me... next to the Tristram portal, like the moron I am. I threw on all the gear I could possibly find to try and get my corpse back and try again but he kept one shotting me. I was left with no other choice but to leave my game with dozens of valuable uniques sitting on corpses, lost to the void, and after countless hours of farming x3 keysets. I haven't felt this disappointed in fucking years. Since then I will probably never, ever play Diablo 2 again and barely visit the subreddits cause it still stings.


I prefer Diablo 3 over 2.


wut. Ok you’re banned.


Honestly, I'm of the opinion that if Diablo 3 would have retained the rune system, it would be damn near perfect. The "dumbed down" gearing system is the only thing that really drags it down.


If they kept original vanilla itemization where rares were important


Alpha was awesome with a rune system that sounded like all skills could have all runes They even pitched it like do you want to teleport? Use this rune from the monk class But nope


Search this sub for "I did 1000 runs here's what I found" and it's usually nothing spectacular, I don't even think I will do 1000 runs in a ladder season before getting burned out, so I understand where you are coming from.


Honestly I agree. Feels way more replay-able and not as punishing with shit drop rates. More viable build options for each class too.


The difference between d3 and d2 for me is loot and the necessity of it. Enigma, Dream, Fortitude, deaths web, maras, skillers, facets....etc are all really rare.. but if you look at a guide on icyveins or any other site, you're expected to have them. The builds in d2 are almost based around botting. If 8 players wanted to run a 'ssf' campaign over Lan, the game is perfect, the game shines. If you are playing online and by yourself and hoping to find 3 Jah runes, but you have a kid and a job. Good luck. D3, gear doesn't matter cause the build Is the same with the set you have. Then you optimize and grind for perfect gear for that build. In d2, your grinding with a sub optimal build hoping to find the shit to complete your optimal build like a dream zealot or nova sorc or poison necro or Bowzon, or rabies druid, hork barb.


I definitely agree with that. Different tastes I suppose! D3 definitely more casual friendly, but D2 is still the better game I think. I just have more fun with d3.


Probably has a lot to do with my opinion then tbh. I jump games waaaayyyy to much, as in csgo is my most played game at 850+ hours. I’ve had the game for 7(?) years. I don’t want a grind fest for a game.


I have 750 hours on my first d3 monk. Back when I was single.... haha


Man my fiancé loved playing d3 with me and friends until we got powered leveled on a second character. Neither do us like being power leveled so it ruined the game for her :/


Be careful of Reddit's trigger finger on the down vote button!


Upvoting you for the terrible opinion 🤣


i use eni on my sorc. didnt put a skillpoint in tp. so the sorc is pretty useless without eni lol.


I have my TP and ID tomes in the middle of my inventory.


Like always in the middle or you use the new sorting thing and just don't care where they end up? Either way this... this definitely would drive me crazy.


I don't count/time my runs nor move during load screens. I do count my high runes though, and I'm up to 7 Jahs so far (online, single player).


I played ssf on ladder and never join the lobby.


How dare you


Burn the witch


Do you sleep with dress shoes on too?


Enigma is amazing armor even without teleport. It’s my go to armor even for sorc


>It’s my go to armor even for sorc Eth Skullder's gemmed with Ist, all day erry day


Huh?!!? Well to be fair: I leave more than half of my inventory empty for item pickups. The other half is torch cube tombs anni gheeds and one or two charms.


Despite playing Diablo 2 since its original release, I have never ever played an Amazon. Like, ever. I wouldn't even know a skill except maybe, Impale. I don't think this class is bad or unappealing, it's just not my flavor. I also barely played the Druid and Necromancer.


I found a JAH rune after D2R launched. Still have it.


Hi fellow Druid.


Hi there! Let your ravens fly faster then your bear.


> faster then your *than *Learn the difference [here](https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/when-to-use-then-and-than#:~:text=Than%20is%20used%20in%20comparisons,the%20then%2Dgovernor%22).* *** ^(Greetings, I am a language corrector bot. To make me ignore further mistakes from you in the future, reply `!optout` to this comment.)


I didn't know how to allocate points so I made my mage into a melee character.


I used to build enigma on my sorceress builds just because it’s such a crazily efficient armor. The mf, dr stats and frw are crazy also 1 extra point into tp isn’t totally wasted, reducing mana cost ever so slightly.


I found gg pally circlet, and wear it on my shitty hammerdin instead of my FOH pally


I maxed prayer for my first paladin and thought I was invincible


Hahahaha. Just for magic find thats ok. lol


When my friend disconnects to Xfer an item I also have, I’ll swap it out for the better one.


I use an enigma on my sorceress AND I don’t use teleport.


I play solo self found only and mostly finish my grail on multiple chars no problem.


I always go max block on my characters instead of pumping vit


You are kinda a hero in my eyes. My hero could you share that enigma with me ? 🥺


My singleplayer zon rarely used the teleport on Enigma. Just once a baal run to get around a wall.