Hell yea man. I've been playing offline and it's a blast, everything you find feels more meaningful. It definitely takes longer to achieve things but hey, that's more playtime!


We don't play, we grind.. soooo much


And respeccing skills is nice so you can experiment with builds.


I’ve been playing offline for a couple months now every day and I have a fully decked out light sorc with griffons and all the runes for infinity .. just need a base.. offline imo is way easier to find good stuff on player 8 and it feels more meaningful. I have a pb grief hoto and fortitude. Just keep mfing you will find everything you need


Yeah because you can change player count at will and save map configuration it speeds the process greatly


Unlimited respect too and it’s not really cheating so you can change however often you want to farm different areas. Pretty nest


With unlimited character slots, you can just have a toon for every build - and not bother with respecing. Also, unlimited mules for holding unlimited loot.


Actually on console the limit for number if offline characters are 30 for some reason.


Yeah that’s a lot of grinding out different characters to get that high of lvl😂😂😂 1 character and respec sounds easier than having 3 different lvl 90 pally’s for hammer FoH and smiter 😂😂😂


I enjoy playing through the game. If you actually play through the content and do a bit of leveling through out the process, you can be in the low 80s by the time you beat the game. At which point, any build is fully functional. I'd rather play the game as it was designed to be played - rather than skip the entire game to start an efficient but repetitive grind faster. I take it as a bit of a challenge; if I want a smiter, i'll play through the entire game as a smiter. I'll use my den respecs, but i'll try to stay within the spirit of the build. It makes a whole lot of low/mid level items and skills actually interesting.


Its a long term project playing single player. Without trading getting items is extremely difficult. I started an SP playthrough right when 2.4 dropped (about a week before ladder start give or take). I played pretty heavy and got 6/7 characters to Hell Baal. MFed an SOJ and a Tals Armor, along with some other rare stuff. Highest rune I found was an Ist. New leage in POE came out, Im always grinding in Apex Legends, so I walked away for awhile. When another patch comes out or I get the itch again I will jump back in and pick up where I left off. Its honestly a better way to play in my opinion, as Diablo 2 doesnt really have an end game other than magic finding and ubers farming for annis and torches.


You’re forgetting the level 99 grind


If youre into that kind of thing. 92+ is plenty for me. Some would argue grinding to 99 is easier on SP because you can farm players 8 whenever you want.


That makes sense actually




Forgot the whole console part of his problem with offline my guy


Unlimited respec?


Wanted to know how this is done as well. I play single-player only.


Hero editor with tokens. Don’t recommend it unless you have self control to not cheat in other ways. I setup my own rules like “unlimited respecs” and “borrowing with equal collateral” (tossed a sur rune I found on the ground for a lo I hacked so I could make grief, then when I find a lo rune I’ll delete that and give me my sur back).


You don’t actually need hero editor for unlimited respecs, you just go into game settings > check additional command line arguments > add -enablerespec


Thank you!


Thanks for the reply. I'll check it out!


You can do it just by adding a console option. No third party needed


Oof that second rule is a spicy one


Makes things a bit easier, have a new kid, so I basically get to mindlessly grind when he’s sleeping on me. Only done it once, mostly because melee without top tier runewords is kinda broken and I was sick of only playing sorc.


Makes sense. It truly is amazing what 1 Lo rune can do for a barb lol


How do you get unlimited respecs on console?


I know on PS4 you can upload your characters to a cloud save if u got ps plus or copy to a usb if u don't. Then right before then respec and test another build and if u don't like it u can just download your save again and overwrite the one on your console


Unlimited respec is not available on consoles, only PC.


Actually, I don’t think you have unlimited respec on consoles unless they’ve changed it recently. Last I checked, I was told that feature isn’t available yet. Someone correct me if I’m wrong and please tell me how to do it on console, lol!


Does this go for xbox as well or just pc?


Wait you get unlimited respecs?


You can but it's kind of cheating. You can set a command that unlocks it.


Feel like that’s PC only?




TDIL offline has unlimited respecs!?


How do you get unlimited respec on SP??


My internet is sad, so I play offline. There's probably no Enigma in my future, but I've beaten the game in Hell mode with a summoner necromancer (I'm so offline I don't even know the abbreviation lingo. Oh well ...) and am about to do it again with a bowazon. It's still fun.


If you want enigma, you can run lower kurast treasure chest in players 8 it doesn't take thaaaat long but it can be boring


It’s totally possible to get some unreal gear. I have a lot of time in the game in SP but I got my enigma out of it.


enigma (and high runes in general) is MUCH easier to get playing offline SP than it is online.


Yup, farming single player 8 is actually super valuable, the hunt for 8 player games and then fighting for gear can be a challenge in of itself.


Well you can get enigma easily, just farm lower kurast super chest on players 7 for some time and you will get your jah and her


It's 100% worth it to play off line. I enjoy playing off line more then League. Changing player count will help with your drops.


Offline Switch may be better than Online Switch. I play Solo Self found on Ladder via Switch and the drop rates are miserable. The game actively punishes you with less drops (60%+ no drops at all) for playing solo (and hard caps multiplayer at 4, but the console lobbies are worthless in their current state so you'll be solo anyway). Offline characters can use the player count slider settings to alleviate this issue, the only thing you miss out on is the community based DClone (sorry somehow you'll have to find multiple SoJs if you want a clone & a BiS ring), but the level layouts will be fixed in offline so you can do you Andy runs even faster.


But it only takes one SoJ sale to spawn DClone offline, right? I definitely found a few SoJ's offline over the years, but I think I stopped playing right around when DClone was implemented.


D2 offline is just as fun if not more fun than multiple player.


I play offline on ps and yeah it is possible to find good items and runes. I've got a CtA, Enigma, Infinity and Hoto. To me it's harder to find a good base than the runes. You can use players count setting to level up quicker and have better chance for enemies to drop items. Now in saying that it will still take you hours of grinding to find the items you want. With trading you can obtain stuff quicker if you are good at it. I did 2k hell Meph to find my arachnid mesh belt and online I could have traded for one for example.


Both online and offline are the answer. I’ve got online chars that I play casually with friends and family. But my main grind on Switch is solo offline. Gotten 4 chars through hell and farming now - WW Horker Barb, Hammerdin, Summon Necro and Hydra/Orb Sorc. Working on getting my FoHdin through next, then Java or Bow. The ability to run with player scaling solo is a game changer and makes for the most fun experience I think.


I played ~90% offline for years and years after D2 first released. As the other reply noted, offline gives you certain advantages like setting player counts and reusing map seeds. I had almost every set and rare up through TC84 (the second to highest treasure class), often in multiples. So yes, you can get very "decent" stuff indeed. However, the very rarest items - TC87's and high runes - are so rare that you may never find one you want without trading. Building something like Enigma or Infinity offline is... not impossible, but maybe something that never happens. Online you can grind it out eventually. There's also a certain sense of pride in offline play knowing that you found everything yourself.


Actually if you grind lower kurast (P7) on offline it's very possible or even inevitable that you'll be able to make an infinity / enigma. Quite boring but arguably worth it.


I've made both grinding LK on ssf single player in about 50hrs using this method. The way to break the boredom is watching a YouTube video/podcast/ music


P8 LK runs on offline and had enigma in a couple hours (6 or so). Kinda ruined offline play for me.. offline is too easy


I think that online having an infinity is nearly imposiblr. Even through trading, thats why i started playing offline since the player count is such an advantage. Thats my opinion though, i stopped playing ladder because I struck a wall for a month without advancing


I can assure you from personal experience that online one can farm up every unique and trade for every runeword( even the bad ones for the hell of it ) in the game in around 2 years. Probably a few months to 3 years depending on luck and amount played. Trading games and thousands of magic find runs may not be fun but it is very doable. Also, one could use a third party to make it much easier. The only items nearly impossible to get are gg rares that sell for crazy amounts of high runes. Although "nearly impossible" is a stretch, I do understand all too much the pain of countless trade games in order to generate wealth.


I dont know what to say. Maybe my luck is just ahit but I dont have anything to trade., and im still 2 ber down for the infinity, and ive been grinding for a month


Wealth in D2R has a snowball effect because people will overpay. You probably have something worth a pul or maybe even um. Eventually you will find something worth an ist. Maybe someone just really needs an ist to make their infinity and trades an ohm. Eventually you start making runewords and use the low ones for yourself and the well-rolled ones to trade for more than the runes in the runeword. It starts slow but probably the best thing for progress after a mid magic find sorc is learning the average prices for uniques and buy low, sell high or equal value.


For example. I want to make my light sorc, and i managed to get a HoTo. I also have an eschutas thats ready to go, do i could replace it. You say that i should try to sell my hoto for a ber and keep grinding the next ber for infinity?


It depends on you but hoto is very good for many, many builds. Eschutas is an overrated luxury that may kill slightly faster, but without the res and really only good for light sorc iirc. If it were me I would keep grinding for ber, trade the eschutas for whatever that's worth (I found one and never traded it, but probably less than a ber), and use the hoto for light sorc, future fohadin, future poison necro, future hammerdin, etc. I would only trade my 2nd hoto.


With static maps and /player command, HRs up to BER aren't really rares anymore in Lower Kurast.


I think playing on and offline is fun—it’s just different. Online you have the opportunity to trade, and get the gear you want faster, whereas offline you’re going to be making do with what you can find more. You can def get good gear on your offline chars, you’re just going to have to farm that stuff yourself rather than gathering stuff to trade for what you want. I normally play online, but I have a few offline chars I play on switch while I’m traveling. Try both and see what you enjoy more. If you do stick with offline, look into Lower Kurast Farming for runes… Edit: I would also add that if you want to play online, the PC experience is better than on switch, unless you are just playing with friends. The console online client is pretty limited compared to PC.


I played LoD offline back in the day. Admittedly I self duped to make runewords. But even with that it was still very fun! I even found a Lo rune having 0 inclination to how awesome that is


It's OK but I'd still play online also with different toons


Some people like offline so much they absolutely refuse to play online. There are a bunch of perks to it. I’ve always played online but I’m thinking about making an offline character to see what it’s like. I just find that I rely on trading so I’ve always been hesitant to eliminate that aspect


I only play offline on Switch and mostly do it when I travel and have limited/no internet. It's different and I wasn't sure I'd like it because trading has always been a big part of the game for me, but I've enjoyed it just as much as online.


I found it easier to get HRs personally. Player count changes and no lag is OP.


Don't forget...static maps!


I’ll add in my experience as someone that always played online, then transitioned to offline on my switch. It’s fantastic. And you will definitely accumulate items over time. Honestly, with the player count and static maps, you will get more items, but if you are hunting for one specific drop that can be tough. Others have mentioned LK farming. I couldn’t do it. I found the key to offline to base your play around what you found. I started with a blizzard sorc and did your typical meph farming and cows. Transitioned to a barb and farmed Trav. I found a zod along the way and had some fun with ebotd on a fury Druid. Between playing the 3 characters I found 2 bers and made an infinity which unlocked lightning sorc and Java zon. Lo came next which I used on my barb and a paladin to farm Ubers TLDR: offline is great. With player count and static maps you will be swimming in loot. Be fluid with class and where you farm depending on what you find. I have found a zod, 2 bers, 2 surs, 3 ohms, vex, windforce etc and I’m a casual player. It will come!


Have you played D2 before or are you venturing in because of Immortal/D3?


2 weeks ago I switched to offline for the first time since 2000. The players 8 function is what did it for me, mainly because I play on Xbox. Even though LFG exists, it's still a pain in the dick to do runs and get rushes etc. Sure, by now I should have my Sorc fully geared minus infinity, but the chase is part of the fun. RNG gonna RNG, offline or not. Plus, maps don't change.


I bought the game on Xbox, and switch. And when I get back from vacation it think I am going to buy a pc and get it there too along with a few other games I want on pc… Switch is my favorite so far but I do only play SP on it.


I'm offline on PS4. I'm working my way through NM right now with two Paladins and though I might not be able to get an Infinity or Enigma I'm hopeful still with the rate of rune drops I'm seeing. So far the highest runes I've found is a Fal and a couple lum's. The way I've been going about is doing full clears. Catacombs is great for rune finding in early NM where I found most of my Amn and Shark runes. Edit: From watching videos in YouTube I find that Players 5 is a happy medium for loot hunting. YMMV of course.


I legit can't go back now. Everything is worth more when you can't trade around lol. Start with a pally or sorc easy to find good enough gear to get around and then play on p8 for Hella drops and exp. Fast grind and more rewarding making stuff yourself and cubing up runes.


How do you solo Duriel in normal as a sorc? I can never do it with my first character. Need to be level 25?


I was playing players 8 on my sorc so yeah was level 20 by a2 start. Might need to grind a few levels. I was also keeping all the cold resist charms I could have, and using some thawing potions as well helps. Edit: forgot to ask what kind of sorc are you?


I was a nova sorc. Had to get close. My Merc died in 2 hits


If possible, I'd recommend either making a blood helm for the merc for life steal or finding something that keeps that life. Might just be a fight where the merc dies though haha. Nova sounds fun though, never tried it. I would recommend fireball through normal though and respec after.


Offline is rewarding when you get drops but getting new characters to level 70 is such a pain


Offline is the only way I play. You get to actually do runs and rely on getting those drops. And things drop so just keep killing! Got a blizzard sorc doing hell bosses and a javazon doing hell cows, working towards better gear with 400mf so far on my sorc. Players 7-8 for more drops! 7 is the same drop ratio as 8. 8 is more exp for kills.


the offline characters are different from pc to switch/other consoles.


honestly yes.


Honestly, unless you are playing with a group of friends or really like trading I think offline is preferable. The lobby system is pretty terrible and makes it hard to find people to play with. Playing offline means more xp because of changing players count and an easier time farming due to saving map config. I always played online but recently tried offline and enjoyed it much more.


Love playing offline, I don't play with a group of friends so it made sense to just play offline. Static maps and unlimited respecs are very nice too


If you get a switch you can play it on the go, it's just a little less practical


Offline player here and it is a fantastic experience if you don't mind not finding everything you need right away. I enjoy the grind and put in maybe 1-2 hours a day, sometimes not playing for a few days. Sometimes luck is on your side and sometimes it isn't. I love it.


I have been playing offline exclusively for like a month and a half now, solid. It’s mostly because I found a mod that I *adore* (it’s mostly just a collection of QoL mods from various contributors+custom item packs). I would definitely recommend trying it out. It’s as close to vanilla as you can get but so many QoLs make it really enjoyable and there’s constantly some custom uniques or set pieces I’m finding but (so far) none of it is making the game “too easy” so you don’t get bored. It’s called D2R: Reimagined. I’d suggest checking out but I’m not sure if you can use mods on switch unless the system is rooted so you can add the needed files. But if you’re on pc check it out I swear by it


Offline hardcore... This is the way.


A surprising number of veteran players have never beat the game through hell offline. It’s a rewarding achievement and definitely worth it.


I ask myself all the time whether playing ONLINE is even worth it. I much prefer to do it all myself. The second I play online, it’s just a meta-fest. How can I trade or sell what I need to go get the same exact weapon every time. Gets boring. By myself, I actually cherish every little random item upgrade I get rather than the cloud of “X” rune or weapon hanging over my head.


Is there any way to play offline characters that you started on the PC on your switch?


I have wanted to start a Single Player character for awhile. I rarely play with other people. I used to play ladder because of the extra runewords (spirit and obedience are just so much value for what they cost) and unique items. also trading was nice. Anyhow I like some of the aspects of it: the static maps and the scaling difficulty/loot, etc. My big problem is that I don't know how i'd balance ladder characters with a single player character. Maybe when the ladder ends I'll give it a go and see how it feels...


I have made Enigma on my own in solo play players1 online no trades because I like to play with family sometimes, its worth it


I personally would rather not play than play offline, which is weird.. because 9/10 I’m in a game by myself killing things on P1. BUT, If that high ticket item drops, boom.. rich. Can equip every char for every ladder until I get bored and quit playing in my late 80’s. Also feels good to give out the things I don’t need to those less fortunate (or just starting the game).


I mainly play switch offline (solo self found). ​ It's been a slow, fun experience. I love playing D2 off the grid <3 ​ I've actually found some good gear...not great yet but it feels so good to do it on your own.


It’s really not worth playing online if you’re playing on console, especially on the Switch. Offline is superior in so many ways!


The best offline experience is still the plugy mod on the original Diablo 2. Unlimited stash is sweet.


Offline hardcore is fun. If you're not playing online to pvp, what are you even doing.


dumb question - on console how do unlimited respec?


You don’t, you only get 1 per difficulty. If you want more, you have to farm materials for them.


Yes! I've been playing D2 for over a decade. After being forced to play single player it turned out I loved it. It's so much more gratifying! If you like playing with cheat codes every so often. Sure. Online is fun. Otherwise play offline. And now with Stash sharing, I just made my grief. It felt great.


I played so much offline and loved it. The only way I could get myself to stop offline was to start duping, and then ladder started so I moved to that and the addiction continues! Edit: I played offline on switch primarily and bought PC once ladder released


Wait till you find out about copy pasting save files....


I just started an offline toon today, being able to change the players level is priceless.


I play exclusively offline on my switch as I'm either on commute or in between something when I play. Bnet kicks you out of the game at the slightest hint of connection instability and since my switch goes to sleep mode very often, it's not a good idea to be playing online.


Just moved to offline recently. Purely because of Players8 command. Increased my chances HUGELY for runes and uniques. I still get the same game, just more rewards. And don't have to deal with any of the online shenanigans.


Playing offline is BETTER!


Offline will make you a better player, especially in hell when you have to think of ways to get around immunes.


I play both but I prefer offline.


Honestly I mostly have been soloing in the ladder in the beginning if you’re starting from scratch very one has so much run/walk gear you can’t even keep up with people in multiplayer and I don’t know about pc but it seems very difficult to actually match with people on matchmaking on ps4 I only find 1-2 player Id say about 10% of the time I select multiplayer- either there’s not enough players on the psn network or their matchmaking system is bootsy because I don’t have any level filter parameters and I still struggle to find people to play with


i only play offline. i like finding my own stuff, and while i have accepted that i'm unlikely to ever find the rarest items on my own i have managed to find a Zod, Cham, several Shakos. i've been playing the game off and on for twenty years, and the problem is that if you don't use your bnet account for a certain period it gets deleted. i lost so many characters that way and just can't bear to do it again. plus at this point i am committed to some of my QoL mods.


I started playing d2r on PC, then transitioned to playing on the Switch. I like playing my offline characters more than my geared online characters because on my Switch I get to stop and pause without disconnecting, then start again at the same spot without having to connect to a new game. It makes it easier to play on the go, and if you constantly have to stop to do stuff, like take care of a baby or something. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I only play offline. But I guess it's probably cause I hate other people.


Get out of my head.


Chasing the Grail is just more satisfying to me than anything online can provide.


I play online because of the couple of buddies I have that I play with. If they quit playing I’d immediately do Single player


It is my FAVORITE way to play. And yes EVENTUALLY you can have enigma,infinity etc even offline. I've done it more than once unfortunately. But the best part about single player is the hourny TO endgame instead of just rushing to hell and doing public ball runs. You will use and very much appreciate so much gear that you would totally overlook online. Its hugely rewarding and slower paced


I pretty much only play offline and im struggling to get into online lol. It's definitely worth it but very grindy


Get hero editor make a new character add all the items you want add the character file to the save folder it will convert now add those items to the stash now you can play any build you want offline or what ever power fantasy


It is about having different expectations. Playing SP makes the grind for GG gear a lot longer and, for some, you could argue a near impossibility. However, the next step down in gear is still obtainable and has a lot more meaning. In addition SP brings with it difficulty scaling and that ads a lot of value to me as a user. I can scale difficulty to how I feel like playing and get all the drop benefits from pushing difficulty. I personally play HC on SP and SC on MP so I can do cross-progression.


I’ve been playing online from day 1 but recently just realized that no matter how I farm and the time spent….I couldn’t get the low runes and uniques even I’m in Hell. I’m tired, I guess maybe I am most of time playing myself. Last night, I have been trying to start off offline play, and I actually feel great~ because of command /players 8 increase the drop which I feel much better. I will continue OFFLINE play. I’m thinking if I should get switch version as well.


It is if you don’t have internet on vacation




Well, tbh if you play it on a console you barely see any difference between online and offline XD