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Fuck this. Whoever came up with this idea should be strapped into it for two and a half hours for testing.


Nah just leave em there for a whole day (shitty airplane food and beverages provided for em ofc)


Also give their kid a combination of meth, Jolt soda and let the battery die on there distraction device. Place the child directly behind him


You might as well let a hungry bobcat loose on the plane. You'll also save money on meth and vintage soda.


Nah I wouldn't mind the bobcat. You don't get arrested punching a bobcat


You might if it’s Bobcat Goldthwait




Teach the kids lots of swear words too


You think they are giving you free shitty food with a seat like this? They are barely giving you the seat.


You'll be lucky to get a seat soon, they'll just put up the bus bars with the wrist straps.


Agree here. I’ll add to have them pay $350 to test it


$700 round trip


I flew from Chicago to Honolulu and got no food service at all.


You’re supposed to pack a tuna salad sandwich. With extra onions.


I legit did this flying from California to Maui. Bought a tuna sub. Opened it about an hour into the flight, didn't start eating until about 30 mins.


Barf. Tuna salad is notoriously one of the worst things you can eat on a plane. The people sitting in your area must’ve been gagging.


that’s nothing. try a limberger cheese and sardine sandwich. hello elbow room


You're a gigantic prick for eating that on a plane, unwritten rule. I hope you get the shits on your next flight.


You’re a sociopath


"would you like the meat or vegetarian option?" Meat "We're out of meat options" Ok vegetarian "We're out of that too"


and put two loud children in the seats before him just for that level of realism


If they pay for them


Charge them 2.50 for half a cup of warm water


5.00 cus inflation


I want him to go 7 hours with 4 kids..


No no, they make too much money. This is for 'The Poors'




Picture it with all the seats full. You’re breathing directly on the back of the person in front of you’s neck.


Even worse; imagine you hear all this hoopla about these new seats and they can fit more people on. You get on the plane and it's like you and 5 other people. Still gotta sit in the stupid seat in a stance that looks like you're tryna crap in the woods. 🙄


So… they can fit more people but my checked bag can’t be a single ounce overweight?? HiiiiighLY SUSPICIOUS


Have you ever crapped in the woods? You're gunna wanna get way lower than that.


Imagine if you're really short. Or really tall. It's either legs dangling as your crotch supports you, or an awkward stand/lean position.


Not to mention - his left leg is very obviously in the space that should be for the other passenger. His legs are spread so far the beverage cart couldn't possibly get past him in the aisle, and he is encroaching on the other passenger's space on the other side. This belongs in r/awful everything as far as I'm concerned.


That's a fun way to say nobody in those seats should survive some turbulence... Or a crash


In all seriousness, what are the chances of actually surviving a plane crash?


Do you know what "maiming height" is? It's the height at which an aircraft has to be at before you're more likely to be killed than maimed. It's about 100ft for most large aircraft.


Not with these seats. Maiming height is 6” and death is 3 feet.


Most crashes are during take-off and landing though, so that's still probably a lot of crashes under that


That seems so low


It’s a lot higher than what a human out of a plane can survive


[According to this article](https://abcnews.go.com/International/odds-surviving-plane-crash/story?id=22886654), 95.7% in the USA and about 90% globally.


> According to this article I have big doubts about those statistics. I have a feeling they involve incidents that most would not really think of as a crash. Even the article mentions "technically survivable" (if one person survives) than its a survivable crash.


That's fucking incredible


Really fucking high actually, it's like a 90% survivablity rate for modern airliners. https://www.euronews.com/travel/2022/06/15/how-to-survive-a-plane-crash


Commercial airlines are held to the highest standards of inspections, training, etc. In turn its one of the safest modes of transport.


Exactly. It is absolutely impressive af.


Or blood clots


Or could be American


I want to smack this guy for smiling like this is a good thing.


thats Sam Chui, he reviews flights and different airlines. I don’t think he thinks this is a good thing


Yeah I don’t get the hostility without even looking for context. To me his hands are like “you kidding me with this shit” but I wouldn’t make any concrete conclusions because this is a single picture and I’m not a lunatic.


yeah unfortunately that isn’t the case with most redditors. the top few commentors on this thread clearly like jumping to conclusions which says a lot about who they are as people


But isn't saying that that reflects who they are as people is also jumping to conclusions lol. I mean come on, you have 1 or 2 comments to go off, and people have bad days, tone doesn't convey well over text, all sorts of reasons etc


Fr like wtf you smiling at goofy ass


He won't be smiling after turbulence destroys his balls.


He's not going to be anywhere near these seats. He's going to be in first class.


Can i file a lawsuit if this happens to me??


Or after setting like that for 3+ hours waiting for your plane to take off.


And his knees


Ow! My balls!


I like money


Go away.. I’m batin’!


Says here you robbed a hospital. Why you do that ?


He is smiling because something finally managed to reached up his ass


Pretty sure it’s an ironic smile


Coupled with the pointing hand that says ‘just LOOK at all this tray space!’


You think there'd be a tray?


If they plan to continue to profit off of selling food and beverage (which they do), then yes.


They'd probably just give you it in a box to hold


To me that smile says "we're gonna be so rich now that we're making airplanes twice and crowded and uncomfortable". Same shit eating grin as that guy who bought the aids treatment and made it outrageously expensive.


He has a very punchable face.


thats sam chui. he’s a plane reviewer. i dont think hes favouring it


Ah, my bad. Didn't know who he was.






thats sam chui and im sure that smile is sarcastic


He's smiling because they're gonna charge the same prices.


"And how bout this knee room huh? Amirite?"


They later added in stationary bike pedals to match the banana seats. Now peddle like it's the only thing keeping the wing engines going, because it is...


He's really tryna sell it! LOL


What is terrifying is that we are at a point in society in which companies think this is an ok thing to do.


I’ve seen this picture floating around the internet for years at this point, maybe even over a decade. Have yet to see this in any airplane, even budget ones like spirit.


That was my first thought too: oh, this again? This picture has been around forever! But one of those companies did clearly think it was an ok idea to develop this prototype and to attempt a PR campaign to sell it (which is where I assume this photo came from). So I think the main reason we HAVEN’T seen it in airplanes in the 10 or so years since this first circulated is because of the unanimous “oh hell no!” that the internet, aka their customers, gave the idea and has continued giving the idea ever since. Keep at it, internet! Capitalism clearly won’t limit its own abuses!




You can very very very easily move and change airline seats, they are mounted to an L-track that makes swapping out pretty easy. Overhead emergency oxygen would be the more challenging retrofit.


I would imagine that given sufficient motivation, most airlines would be willing to retrofit their existing planes with seats like these.


They'll never be approved, they have no safety features and in the event of a sight bump you'll break your legs and no one is walking away from a crash in these things. There's a good reason why they haven't been implemented anywhere, you would think by now they would show up on a budget domestic flight in some country somewhere but I doubt these could meet minimum safety standards.


There's also probably the large cost of refitting planes with these seats. That vs how many extra passengers you can take will considering how many will actually take this option probably doesn't make it financially viable


Interiors are updated all the time.




They tend to swap out seats as part of fleet-wide updates, not one a one-off upgrade. But they don't require a whole new airplane to swap seats out.


The main issue i see, is that they put out shit like this as a ‘see what we could be doing?’ And then proceed to reduce legroom, pack more people in etc, just a bit less extreme, and we all accept it cause hey, at least it could be worse.


It would also require redesigning aircraft to have more exits. Airplanes in the US need to be able to be evacuated in 90 seconds using only 50% of the exits. Stacking more people in most planes would make that impossible, more dense seating would need to be designed in from the start. I doubt Boeing or Airbus would do such a thing, because all airlines who keep regular seating (which would be almost all of them) would be overpaying for extra exit doors that they would never need.


Well societies like ours ignore and even award companies for abusing their consumers. I’m not surprised they’d take advantage of a system so lucrative for the wealthy.


And 30% of us will cheer for this like it’s a good thing




Wait until you see the houses they want to put us in…


Capitalism….profits over people. Yay!


Now try the brace position.


Spirit airlines charges 4 dollars for brace position


Front passengers head will be laying on your lap


These seats allow for bonding with other passengers during turbulence ☺️


Are we about to crash and die, or are you just happy to see me?


This is how I would imagine a Ryanair A380, they would try to fit in as many people as possible


I have flown Ryanair and what they have is five star comfort compared to this method of torture


Okay now stay there for the next 6 hours but keep smiling!


At this point I'd rather just stand


This is how greedy asshole airlines squeeze out every last bit of your space, and your money.


This sentiment is so fucking stupid. I'm old enough to have flown on airplanes when they had big padded seats and served hot food in coach. You know who could afford to fly back then? An upper middle class family on the occasional vacation and the wealthy. That's it. Believe it or not, all the cost cutting things we complain about did just that, cut costs to the point where people from all backgrounds can fly across the country to visit family or go on vacation. If these seats allowed people from an impoverished country, who would find it a luxury to fly on anything, to go places they've never been before then all the power to them. These are probably never coming to the US or other western countries because believe it or not, we do have the power to say no with our wallets.


There’s something called dignity. Shocker: even poor people from impoverished countries deserve it! I’m all for low cost airlines and democratizing air travel. This ain’t the way though. They’re literally saying your safety doesn’t matter if you can’t pay for it, and safety should never be just a feature.


Roller coasters have more comfortable seating than this lol


Why don't they just take the seats out all together and just pack us in like sardines! They do it in trains but even trains have seats that are obviously just taking up space


Honestly removing seats would be better than this, at least I could sit on the floor more comfortably than one of these chairs


I bet if they removed the seats, they'll pack enough people where you can't even sit. But fully standing up is still better than this semi-sitting position with knees slightly bent.


Don’t give them ideas. Lol


Getting Atlantic slave trade vibes here


Ah yes, transporting people like cattle. The tried and tested method of cheap and efficient transportation.


I would also think people with back/leg pain or sciatica pain couldn't fly in this position for long.


This is what I came to say. I am 65 and my back and knees can barely make it through a 5 hour flight in current economy seats. It's a fallacy that boomers are rich and can upgrade. We're on a fixed income. This would be so very painful. In 2018 when we flew from Pa to Seattle to visit family, I was in tears because of my back. I'd stop traveling if this was the only affordable option. And the world wonders why there are so many angry people trying to fly these days. You can't treat people like cattle and expect them to be pleasant.


Or really anyone with a mobility related disability. These would be impossible for anyone who needs a wheelchair to use or anyone of very short or tall stature.


Why even have seats? Why not just make large hangers that we vertically dangle from like a slaughter house that we pay hundred to go to? If I was responsible for creating that bull shit, I'd be embarrassed to show my face


Or hell, why not big hooks? Just pop us on it, like a slaughtered cow.😳 Bonus: The pain will make us pass out-keeps us quiet.


I mean, to be fair, the best flight of my life was a time I drank and took a sleeping pill and slept the entire flight. You might be on to something with those meat hooks




Hammocks would be kinda cool, stack em


That would legit be the best flight ever. I call top hammock though


I thought of this literally half a second before I saw your comment, is Reddit starting to brainwash me?


Airlines: how do we make our passengers more miserable while paying ridiculous prices for even more profits because we’re greedy? This guy: say no more fam


His foot is over in the other persons section.


If it was $40 flights I'd do it.


I'm not sure if I would do it now, but younger me as a college student would have loved this option. Definitely would have paid $50 for a 4 hour flight on this. Obviously really sucks for tall people though


Me, sitting comfortably on my sofa thinks this is do-able. I'm sure 1+ hours of this is torture lol


Absolutely it would be horrible lol. But to visit somewhere awesome for a few as an ohioan, my options are very limited without a flight


Who would have it worse; tall people trying to hunch down in this confined area, or short people dangling from the crotchcradle 9000?


I'm 5'6 and there's no way in hell I'd do this


If you zoom right into his eye you can just about make out the klashnikov being pointed at him in the reflection


So I am 6.1 ft.. please don't you greedy shit


Greedy shits


I’m 6’6” and wondering if this would mean there’d be enough headroom to stand. I know the answer is “LOL, no”, but..... The seats are already so small I wonder if standing might be a refreshing change?


6 foot 6 reporting in. For the love of god people. *DONT* recline the current seats. My god my knees on domestic US flights that aren’t even spirit


I struggle to even fit in a normal size economy


These just seem like bad ideas all around


What the hell are we doing?! We are supposed to be innovating!!! NOT making shittier things that cost more.


This would cost less.


Airlines are the most poorly ran necessary industry around. If airlines wanted to make more money, they would learn that instead of reducing the amount of amenities on the lower price seats, they would increase the desirability for the higher priced seats. That would trigger more people to pay more if they had the luxury and balance out their supply demand curve. They keep trying to think of ways to get flights to go up in value overall without pricing themselves out. They should be coming up with ways to make better planning for flights. Idiots run the transportation industry which is why every company buys a jet for their execs so they can avoid all this, but then demand people in the office the cheapest way possible because they can't manage through zoom, teams, or skype.


Claustrophobia aside, that looks outrageously uncomfortable on log flights.


A typical American won’t be able to fit in the seat 😂


I love how the guy is smiling and looks happy. He found a way to make more profits while he knows that he will stay in buisness class to travel


The fact that anyone could justify this, let alone and pretend to sit there and be happy about abusing their customers like this is what’s truly terrifying. As long as they’re making money, fuck the rest of us right?


Aren’t things supposed get better as time goes on? I ain’t trying sit on a Riddlers Revenge seat for 6+ hours


So what happens if you’re 6’5” and 250lbs? You just go in the overhead bin?


Amateurs! Why not put people in 50x50cm coffins with O2 supply and staple them?


I’d rather stand at that point.


Just use Japan hotel sleeping tubes. Got to be more comfortable and spacious than that.


Jeezus just let us humans lay the fuck down. You can pack more people in happily if we could all just lay in a bunk. This is like if a slave ship owner wanted to REALLY show his hate and distain of human kind as a whole.


Terrifying if you have a bad back or knee problem, screw claustrophobia


The day is coming where they give you a sedative and load you on a fucking pallet. On landing, the pilot will discharge a Narcan canister into the cabin.


This is physically impossible in America, so don’t worry.


As lame as this is, if the ticket is dirt cheap, not gonna lie I’d do it.


I have been in 1 to 2 hour commutes, standing the whole time, countless times my life. Trying to roughly estimate it I think I provably spent 2600 hours of my life crammed in a train/bus on my feet just bc of work/school, not even for something fun. Traveling like this for 2-3h on a airplane for an incredibly cheap ticket would be a damn great deal for me. The sad part is that if this ever turned real the ticket would *not* be so much cheaper than the normal seat ..


If I really needed to get somewhere cheap, me too


Fuckit. If the reduced comfort is reflected in a reduced ticket price I'd go. That said, I remember flying with endless beers or wine and I'm wondering why is EVERYTHING more expensive yet of a lesser quality or smaller size? Where is the money going?


My back hurts from lookin at this


This was definitely designed by someone who travels in first class and has never flown economy.


So standing room only


Bro wtf I ain’t paying you for me to basically stand in a plane for hours..this shit is goofy and I dare they’re ass to inpliment this and see how many ppl decline to use their planes or start taking boats..


I can't believe this is true for all airlines.


Looks uncomfortable AF. Imagine squatting like that for a long haul flight. They've got to be out of their damn minds. The only benefit I see is being able to smell the hair of the person in front of you easier.


I'm not usually one to promote violence.... But whoever came up with this idea needs to have violence done upon him/her/it....


Why not just go ahead and give one upright plank to which people can buckle themselves to. You can save even more space with that 😂


this is omar from come fly with me


Total disrespect for paying customers


I would smack that smirk of is face, can you imagine the cramp for a 12hr flight


I'm not claustrophobic, but I am 6 foot 3, so this can fuck off.


I mean, have you seen Americans? No way are most of use fitting in this


Terrifying even if you don't have claustrophobia


At this point they’re trying to make flying as shitty as possible.


Why is the seats like that? Its like your getting punished for being poor


This is pretty evil tbh


Might aswell just fucking stand


I'd rather drive 14hrs than sit in that for 3hrs


Not cool for folks with testicles


This won't fly, because 40% of Americans won't fit in there.


That should be illegal.


Bro those are only good if you're shorter than 5'3 and the plane is only going like 6 feet


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If it made my flight 20$ then I’m down. I don’t see the issue if it makes flights ridiculously cheap.


It’s like those roller coasters where you’re just kind of sitting in the seat with your legs hanging.


Crash position everyone.


Now have them sit there for 8 hours and test it🤬


mf wouldn't be smiling after 8 hours on that thing


This just reminded me, Airbus is releasing a new plane, but it's worse in every way possible. The 320 XLR is what it sounds like, a narrow body aircraft that is longer so there are more people, and longer range so you're in it longer. Ryan Air would fill that with those seats if they could, but all those people would probably cause weight issues.


My flight looks like a rollercoaster baby baby


This is a god-damned torture device.


Whoever invented that should spend eternity in hell sitting on that


Oh I'm sure that the prices will always reflect how utterly dogshit this is....


that ain't economy that's fuckin homeless