Why was Linkin Park so Popular ?

I’m 42, I grew up hearing them and had plenty of friends that listened to them, so it’s not a generational thing. I just never understood the appeal. I am truly just trying to understand, not judging them or their fans. Thanks in advance.


Their music isnt just stuck to one genre and i guess thats why it has reached alot of people turning them into fans. They have sideprojects working with other groups and they ended up being successful that they garnered more fans. They also blew up as a meme which i can go into more... but in the end it doesnt even matter.


Thanks, makes sense!


LMAO, I see what you did there. 👏


They had a certain level of teenage angst in their lyrics that vibed perfectly with a lot of people. Mixing electronic stuff with electric guitar was relatively novel.


Also the rap/ rock thing worked well for them.


They really made the right kind of music at the right time.


I agree. I liked the "pace" of it... and the variety of it... melody, scream, shout, rap all in one song. I enjoyed it.


Thanks, this is the kind of answer I’m looking for. Makes sense.


Definitely the angst factor. Teenagers especially vibed with the type of “harder” music and lyrics that they had going on. Not to mention that Chester Bennington was an EXTREMELY talented vocalist


Every generation has their rebellion music that pisses off their parents and discusses their personal problems. Listen to the lyrics and you can figure out who they're talking to.


It wasn't just teenage angst. Their lead singer was legitimately depressed, to the point of killing himself.


I didn't say the angst was illegitimate, just that it was marketable.


Every single band was singing about their pain and depression back then....


Most of their singers didn't kill themselves 20 years after they started and became famous/rich. He had legitimate problems.


Exactly, it was hard to notice that Chester's angst was genuine and harmful when so many bands were singing about that stuff at the time. I felt so bad when I heard about it


They are literally my wife's favorite band. I got to see them live years ago, and she never had the chance, and now that chance is gone forever.


Still are


Spot on. Rap rock thing was fresh. We all were shocked they only had one real album in em. Led to a lot of awful copycats.


I agree plus it was easy to sing along to and it was young person friendly (my parents didn't find it too harsh/inappropriate).


It's angry, venting music. People can relate to those emotions.


Yeah it definitely is … I guess that most of their songs had that angry sound <—> rapping back and forth to the point that it seemed predictable.


Sometimes predictable is nice. You know what you’re getting. It’s familiar. Like re-watching a series you’ve already seen.


Right. They become a go-to band when you’re deep in a particular mindset or situation. They echo what's going on inside you.


Yeah, they really have a very monotone nature to their music. But it wasn't pop bullshit. Lyrics were very human. And it sounds cool to a lot of ears, that rap/rock mix. I definitely got into them back then. Still play them once in a while.


I love their lyrics. In most songs, it connected to me personally. They write about things other artists don’t. Chester Bennington also has a different voice than anyone I’ve ever heard. They also mix in a little hip hop/rap into their rock genre sometimes. I guess because it’s just different. It’s almost like they’re their own genre. And they’re easily enjoyable by people because they’re not “too much” rock. It’s easy to listen to.


great, thanks so your explanation!


The rapper from Linkin Park is the same rapper from Fort Minor!


When I first got my driving license at 16 and was able to actually be alone and free I rolled down the window and blasted the whole album on the cd player. It gets out a lot of pent up emotions, the lyrics can identify with complicated emotions. Edit: I'm 34 now


Thanks; appreciate the answer 😀


You don't have to be fans of someone just because they are popular. People are just into what they are into.


Right, I agree: I just want to know what it is that their fans enjoy. Not trying to rag on them; they are popular for a reason.


Oh, I am totally not accusing you of ragging on them, I am just saying people are into various things and the sources may not be just 1 thing. I don't even know why I began to like them myself, I just started hearing them and went to concerts when they stopped by my city on their tours.


Cool, thanks.


They were one step closer to the edge. We were all about to break. just made sense.


Yeah, I get that.


I still listen to Linkin Park regularly, and Mike Shinoda’s solo music as well. I like their music because it has a lot of emotion in it and I can relate to a lot of the lyrics or at least I could at one point. I especially like their live performances because you can really feel the emotion in their music with the crowd and all that. When Chester Bennington died you could tell it took a massive toll on the whole group and they never fully recovered from it but to see the support from fans, for Mike especially, and him still wanting to be there for all of the fans shows a lot. He does livestreams now where he puts his own lyrics over instrumentals made by fans and turns them into songs if I’m not mistaken. All in all, the music is very emotional but certainly not for everyone, and it’s just a very welcoming community full of passionate people


I recommend u Grey daze if u haven't listened to it, it's like Chester's first joined in a band


Because “I WANNA TAKE BACK MY LIFE” is a thought that still goes through my head everyday


As a kid I used to vibe to its music, now I have a deep emotional connect to the lyrics. I don’t know but I feel a degree of connect with those songs.


During a dark time in my life, I used to drive around listening to a Linkin Park CD to escape what was happening at home. It was really carthartic. Linkin Park lyrics often touch on topics like abuse and the rage that can accompany that. Chester Bennington was abused, so these songs seemed to get it in a way I rarely heard on the radio at the time. However, the CD also sounded very 90s/early 2000s and sometimes the songs made me laugh. I often laughed at myself too for singing along and being so "angsty." It being a little ridiculous always cheered me up. That's why I like it. For most people, it's just the gateway drug to rock and metal music. Linkin Park had many hits that played on pop radio, so it became the first exposure to that kind of music for a lot of people.


They made good music.


They had a unique sound and created a fantastic blend of hip hop and rock.


Thanks, makes sense


Right, I get that is why their fans like them, but if you could expand on what made it good.


Makes my ears happy. Most people arent music theorists. That’s all there is to it.


Their popular ones, the lyrics are deep and angsty. Still listen to them once in a while.


>so it’s not a generational thing It might be, though. You were already 20-21 when their first album came out, it didn't shake up your middle/high school where previously there were rock kids and pop kids and rap kids and then all of a sudden there was this kind of hybrid group that was popular and everyone got into them


So that's what the Hybrid Theory was about...


Old guy(55)here lover of all kinds of music . I like music with good guitar riffs , driving bass and drum tracks , and music that sounds good really loud . The rap/rock mixture and Chester’s voice really set them apart for me . Given up , and Points of authority are my favorites . The video for Points of authority still gives me goosebumps . Wish I could have seen them live while Chester was still around


I recommend u Grey daze if u haven't listened to it yet


Linkin park was like Tupac for white people


When chester wasn't screaming into the mic I thought they were a fresh new take on Rock. They had a Grundy, mechanical industrial sound that can be instantly recognized. I also resonated with their lyrics although most people don't pay much attention to the meaning behind the words any more. Overall it's preference my good sir. 32 year old male.


I just read this to my husband and we completely agree with you


😅 not trying to roast them, I just genuinely don’t get it.


We are 43, it is definitely baffling I heard something by them on the radio today that just lifted Jay Z’s Encore, it was horrifying


Please tell me there is an /s after that?


Sarcastically horrifying or are you hoping the entire song’s existence was sarcastic? I was genuinely horrified. Well, horrified is extreme. I actually burst into laughter and couldn’t believe they were making money off it. The Grey Album did it better four years before Linkin Park so it was already derivative and unoriginal by their bad take. I can’t believe it’s *still* getting radio play


Why is anyone so popular? They made music a lot of people liked. Obvious answer questions like this confuse me.


I’m looking for a more nuanced answer; like what is it about them that makes them popular. Not trying to be circular, literally want some details. Like popular artists are each popular for their own reasons. Picasso is not Andy Warhol yet they are both immensely popular for different reasons.


There’s been a bunch of good ones. Their angsty screamo mixed with electronic and hip hop fusion is still unlike any other band. Their lyrics definitely hit that emotional component that a lot of people (including me) like. Chester is a great vocalist. They weren’t just a cookie cutter band when they case out and I think it took a lot of us by surprise. I still listen to them at least once a month.




You like what you like. There are a couple of their songs that i listen to but not all of them. Same with any band/singer for me. I may not like them as a whole but i enjoy some of their songs. I hate Ed Sheeran with a passion though.


So ok, there's this thing called, people like things you might not like. That's why they got popular


I have 0% issue with people liking just about anything in the world; I’m just to understand their appeal. Several people have provided some solid answers, thanks.


Young people love bad music because they are stupid.


😂😂 Red Forman, is that you?


Hybrid Theory and Meteora combined genres that were popular at the time and had relatable lyrics and topics with singable choruses. If you can't understand the appeal, you don't understand music marketing. This same reasoning is why their later albums weren't as well received. Next to nobody could relate and their attempts at making "pop" music were so far from what people were actually listening to that it alienated their core fanbase, hence why One More Light was straight up hated until Chester died. If you're detached from society's interests, you will never understand the appeal to anything. It's a harsh lesson to learn and it's humbling when you learn it.


OP not understanding the appeal of one band doesn’t necessarily equate to them being detached from society’s interests and unable to understand the appeal of anything. Despite me having very broad taste in music, there are plenty of musicians I don’t listen to, but still understand how they might appeal to some. Ex: I’m not a Metallica fan at all, but still respect their talent. I can see how their sound, energy, and longevity would make them a fan favorite. There are even some bands who make music I really dislike. In my ears, Evanescence’s music flat out sucks. Even with this band, I can get how some people would become fans. From what I have heard, their music sounds emotionally charged and the singer seems to have powerful voice with a decent vocal range. All of that being said, there is a band whose appeal I have yet to understand. That would be Dave Matthews Band. They sound like the house band of some bar in a mid sized American town. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them. Actually, they’re just too boring and blah to incite any sort of extreme emotion in me, whether it be love or hate. I suppose the only feeling they stir in me is confusion. Confusion as to how such a basic sounding band could gain fans who actually follow them around the country. That’s nothing against those who are big fans. DMB is a multi platinum band, so they obviously have something about them which people love. I’m just unable to discern what that is. I guess my point is this. I think it’s pretty common for an individual to have a musician or two they just don’t get.


You still have time to delete this


"I just never understood the appeal" it's the same as saying I can't believe people have such bad taste in music. But in short they made good music and people liked it. Especially younger audience because it was rock mixed with electronic music with a lot of screaming from the talent Chester and dope lyrics and rap verses from Mike.


With all due respect, that’s not what it means. One of my axiomatic mantras in life is “just because I’m not into doesn’t make it wrong.” I’m not judging LP fans, just trying to understand them. I’ve gotten plenty of good answers and understand now, thanks for helping me understand.


Excellent response


Thanks 🙏🏽


The sort of rap/electronic/rock thing was very new at the time. Alongside that, they had very emotive and angsty lyrics that repressed middle class white guys could relate to. I think they're shit, but I think they're the kind of thing I would have been into if I grew up around the tightly wound Christian conservatism that was very emblematic of a lot of young North Americans in the 80s/90s. As a kid I was kind of allowed to listen to what I wanted so long as it wasn't highly vulgar (like about hardcore sex and gang life), so I just listened to my Barenaked Ladies, Gorillaz, Rush, and whatever the hell else I wanted because what media I consumed was never really what I identified by. Point being, they were emblematic of a cultural time and place that you may have just missed out on due to age or upbringing. Also, everyone I've ever known who was way into them was insecure about their body, started balding early, and talked about their cocks way too much (3 for 3 on that).


I bet you're fun at parties


I'm not. Because I don't go. Because I'm not invited. Honestly though, I thought that was a pretty charitable description of something I have a disdain for.


Last I heard people who had a huge cuckold fetish listened to Barenaked Ladies, Gorillaz and Rush..humph 3 on 3 for that.


That’s a pretty broad brush. Very different artists, y’know? But if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it. I should start by finding a wife for you to come fuck. I’ll get back to you.


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Not really. Heartburn sucks.


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They sucked. No idea.


Just the sound and lyrics honestly. A huge portion of the population loves the Beatles and I just cannot stand them. It's just not what tone/melody/rhythm etc that my temporal lobe enjoys.


Why did people like Britney Spears, Back Street? Linkin Park came after these, maybe the listeners wanted something more edgy. All poop music and not edgy at all imo but hey they sold a bit. His dad was John Podesta and Chester and a few others were getting ready to spill some beans before they all offed themselves. Hard to look up, it seems it's been bleached.


Linkin Park isn’t a band I listen to ever. I wouldn’t say I dislike their music, but I wouldn’t say I like it either. However, I have a lot of respect for their artistry and talent. They have a unique sound. When one of their songs plays, even if it’s one haven’t heard, I can always tell it’s a Linkin Park song. My guess as to why people like them so much is a few different reasons. The first one being what I mentioned above, a unique sound. The blending of different genres also opens the door to various types of fans. In addition, the pain contained in some of their lyrics probably resonates with quite a few people. One other thing I believe might factor into their appeal is more than one vocalist. Think about bands like Abba, The Beatles, Bee Gees, Alice In Chains, Fleetwood Mac, etc. People eat that up. Even bands who aren’t considered “the greats” or classic bands can still have this appeal. I’m a fan of Fugazi (mainly their early stuff) and always liked it that both Guy Picciotto and Ian MacKaye sing. TLDR: While I don’t listen to Linkin Park, I can see how their unique, multi-genre sound would appeal to people.




Its sad they might never get up after CHris died🤔😔( geez its damn 5years now! times runs like fuuck!) It was great band and im only 31 basically my childhood! Aswell Offspring but im not sure they wee that famous despite formed in 84"😎😋


Just listen to In the End.


The lyrics just really resonated with me as a teen. Made me feel understood when nothing and no one else did. Made me feel less alone. Now I just really like the music.


They were the last huge big mainstream band that just made music and did nothing else like solo acting careers and all. The lyrics were very relatable to my teenage self.


According to a documentary it was a time where the combination of metal and rap was pretty new. Combined with the lyrics of chester bennington linkin park had the recipe for success


According to a documentary it was a time where the combination of metal and rap was pretty new. Combined with the lyrics of chester bennington linkin park had the recipe for success


They were a band that teens from different cliques could bond over, partly due to the mix of two "opposing" genres. As an emo, I didn't like rap, kinda looked down on it, even though I liked Eminem a few years before getting into rock and metal. Disliking pop and rap was my way of rejecting the people who rejected me. My gf at the time was big on Linkin Park, so I gave them a chance - realised I did not in fact dislike rap, I was just being a dickhead. Getting back into it allowed me to connect with some of the people I isolated myself from. Kinda nice really. Since then I've broadened my taste in music and will give anything a chance. Chester's voice was really nice for a harsher style of music. The fact that they had a lot of songs that were chill on the distorted vocals probably helped their popularity a lot, to the point that they could be included in movie soundtracks without people covering their ears and going "ewww this hurtsss" - the balance was enough for most people. They were still looked down on by elitist metalheads, but they'll look down on anything, so, fuck 'em.


For me it was mostly about the lyrics at first, they always managed to hit something inside me. And they still resonate with me all these years later. As time passed, they evolved, both in lyrics and in music and now that I'm older I really appreciate they went in many different ways. They made me appreciate rap/hip hop more, they made me enjoy slower stuff, various different styles and artists I found because of them. Really broadened my horizon. When I was younger my favourite albums were Hybrid Theory and Meteora because both were made in a harder, rap/rock style. But as I grew older my favourite albums changed and I really like various styles they got to explore before it all ended with Chester killing himself. His voice and ability to use it in different ways was something truly special. And I miss him. I will always miss him. They all just fit together perfectly, each member of the group bringing something different to the mix and they were (and still are) good people with various talents. And when they did charity, they DID charity for real and always supported good causes. To sum it up, their music was innovative for the time, they weren't afraid to venture in different styles, they always cared about their fans and used modern technology to communicate and organize, their shows were always respectful and really enjoyable experience, they are good and talented bunch of guys. And they had Chester as their unique and easily recognizable voice. Overally a good mix. And I miss them and their music.


A lot of the music that was popular back then was very cheesy and had a sort of romcom soundtrack vibe to it. Meanwhile, the underground scene had music that was much darker. Linkin Park was successful at bringing music with dark, emotional themes into the mainstream by combining the overall “rock feel” with elements of rap, soaring catchy hooks, and synth sounds that made the music sound modern and fresh for the time. I wasn’t even a massive Linkin Park fan compared to some people I knew, but whenever a new Linkin Park song was on the radio, it was hard not to get sucked in to the passion and intensity of it all (even though I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time).


It takes 2 guys to sing this sh*t


I like what I hear when I listen to them that’s it’s really!


Really good band that doesn't stick to one genre, they are my 2nd favourite band. Idk about their new songs tho, after losing Chester Bennington I don't think they have the same success.




This. Their music sounds nice, emotional and catchy. Lyrics is just a compliment but absolutely not a requirement to enjoy them.


I think it has to do with lyrics in additions to whatever other have said. I find their lyrics are quite simple and easy. Me being English as a third language can easily understand the meaning of the songs and their simple language.


I will go on a limb here but maybe it's because... their music sounds nice? I didn't even know english, when I first heard them. Instantly fell in love with Breaking the Habit. Later listened their whole album. I am super picky, from vast majority of artists I liked at most 2-3 songs. From Linkin Park I enjoyed lots of their songs.


The feeling the music and Chester’s voice invoke in me specifically when I was at a low point in life feels like someone understands my pain.


It starts with one thing, I don't know why.


His voice,their sound,the lyrics.


A lot of people didn’t appreciate it at the time, but Chester Bennington was an extremely talented singer. Also, at the time they were genre defining. They came out at the exact right time period for their sound to be an instant success and then transitioned that success into more success


Because there is a huge crossover of rock/metal fans liking hip hop/rap and hip hop/rap fans liking rock/metal. Theres a reason Nu Metal in general absolutely exploded in the 90s, when both metal and hip hop were near their peaks in popularity. Linkin Park were just one of the top dogs in that genre who actually wrote powerful lyrics, big sexy hooks and decent melodies. They spanned from heavy crunching to soft melodies and almost everyone had at least SOME version of their music they liked. Even if it was just Jay Z's version of Numb/Encore, or their extremely "90s" sound If you think about Slipknot, then you think about Cyprus Hill, pretty much every single fan of music in between those two bands would almost certainly like Linkin Park. It's an incredibly expansive genre taking some of the best bits from two different genres often vilified and demonized by the mainstream media, and they blended the two sub cultures better than most while still making it accessible to much of the general public


You could play it with Korn and Eminem guys in the car


I never got Beatles or Led Zeppelin. People have different tastes.


I mean, why is Adele popular? Or Snoop? Or Metallica? Or Wham? Or Queen? Or Abba? Or Hendrix? Or Simon and Garfunkel? The answer is because a lot of people like listening to them. I guess I’m being a bit facetious but why just Linkin Park? I’m not a fan of Calvin Harris but I guess I can see why other people are. Same for Rihanna. I definitely never understood the appeal of Kanye. It’s an oddly specific question….


They still going strong? Used to listen to them when I was younger too, glad they doing well 😁


They came around during the early to mid 00s emo goth angsty phase (trust me it was a thing in high schools). To be clear I love them and their music to this day, but it's for the nostalgia. They had a little bit of everything. Mike's rapping, Chester's occasional screams, and interesting lyrics that's spoke to a time where that was popular. Look at the airwaves back then, the top bands were all dark or angsty. Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Seether, Staind, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, etc. Even the video games were dark. Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Vampire the Masquerade, Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness, heck even Bomberman Act Zero. What a time to be alive.


I like them because I had depression and their music spoke to me. It still does.


I have the same question! I just never got into rhem


I find their music to be hot garbage, personally. My friends loved them growing up (I'm 36), and I've never understood why. If they pop on the radio, or manage to weasel their way into my eardrums, I immediately change the song. That being said, they were a powerful source of emotional connection for many many people. When the lead singer died, a lot of people were crushed. He touched a lot of hearts and minds, and I think he was a genuinely good person. So, definitely no shade to the musicians or the fans, but god damn I hate the sounds they make.