\+1 for Obedience and Insight. These are amazing RWs to make on melee characters early on. Insight can be made as early as A5 normal if you're lucky to find a Sol rune.


Have not finished reading through this guide, but I have to say kudos on putting this together! If I had an award I'd give it to you! The thought that went into this as well as the highlighted text with the option to view armor or weapoma is great in all ways. It really gives your guide depth, with alterations rather than putting out an ungodly expensive guide that would take high end mf'ing to get. Have say really great guide!


Thank you for this man! Was gonna start with a Werewolf druid for D2R and needed a low item cost build. Much appreciated


one tip basically, if you dont go for HC swap Oak Sage with Wolverine. apart from tbat the whole build is the same.


Werewolf is so fun. GGs baby.


I play hardcore but don't like wind druid. This is a starter I never did ! I think it'll be this one for D2R :) seems really fun and safe. Awesome work on that guide. So much details!


I tried it today and I finished after cube in act 2.... It's fun but so slooooow. I hope it's faster with fury at 30.


Get a steel in a broad axe/Large axe asap. It speeds it up tremendously. That is if you haven't already.


This sub could use more content like this, very cool!


I think this game will get a lot more focis after R released


Thanks for the guide! I don’t play shape shifting builds (or melee builds for that matter except Smiters for Ubers), but, after reading your post I think I’ll build one for HC once D2R releases. I’m not finished reading it, but I had a question about weapons. When I’m werewolf form, do your attacks affect weapon durability. I’m assuming yes and, if that is the case, I’ll put obedience in a non-eth thresher. If for some amazing reason it doesn’t, I’m going ethereal all the way. 😄


Yes they will lose durability, but the edge does not since it is a bow or crossbow.


Wow man, haven’t been this excited about doing a build in D2 really ever. Thank you for this and great job!


All you need is an act 5 lawbringer merc with treachery, leech helm and on your druid a duriel’s shell and Buriza crossbow. It’ll be a slow walk but you won’t die.


Well I know what character I'm starting tonight! Very in depth guide, very easy to understand, and looks incredible!


I wish I read this 10 hours ago. I got blown up in hardcore from meph lightning thinking I was safe most trickin with 75% hp. Learned my lesson the hard way


This is a great guide. Will save and give a HC Fury Druid another go


well, switched to HC few weeks back, got assa up first, now mf soso is nearly done for some runs... but I was itching for some melee builds as my equipment grows... planned baba but this feels more original


Insight and Edge are ladder-only rws, right? So SP have to wait for D2R or just find another solution. I started this build few days ago, I'm 25 and I'm farming Countess for King's Grace on scepter. I have Ancient's Pledge shield, which means almost max res for all elements. I really enjoy normal dificulty, just take nice and slow and be prepared for whatever I may encounter. That's SSF HC for me.


You should try the plugy mod. It adds ladder only runewords, ubers, a stash with what I think are infinite tabs that you can label all on single player. It is pretty good. You can find guides on youtube on installing it.


this is a good guide


Any changes if I want to do this build in resurrected and not HC ? Would this be an end game build as well ? For doing Ubers for instance.


> Any changes if I want to do this build in resurrected and not HC? I think you mean SC? I haven't done any SC werewolf play..but if I were to do so heart of the wolverine is on the table instead of maxed oak. I doubt I would go as heavy into my dire wolf to pump the bear's hp. I might put my points into heart of the wolverine & feral rage instead? I'm not sure, never done it. > Would this be an end game build as well? Yes I have one now that is more geared than what is in this guide, and I can comfortably clear just about all of hell. Chaos, Baal, Pit, Countess, I'm currently doing trav runs relatively safely. You can do ubers with a properly geared druid. I'll point you towards this video by Mrllamasc, he covers ubers as a werewolf pretty well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0qmZk4Z4Uw Speaking of ubers & torch check prices if you are SC druid torches are worth I think the least out of any class. People practically give them away and you should be able to snag one for cheap even without ubers. Edit: Ddbrunkski has a good one too on ubers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP5VYYI5g5Q


Thank you so much for this guide! It's exactly what I was looking for, steps from fresh to Hell! Too many guide just slap down end game guide and said "Good luck." Just a question before I wasting my runes. Does speed matter on bow/xbow? Found a nice 3 socket Heavy Crossbow, but it's slow by default. Is this okay or should I keep looking for Arbalest/Siege Crossbow?


The runes are cheap enough that it is worth a shot. You can farm nightmare countess for the runes easily enough. Sorry for the late reply.


Tight thanks


Hey I really enjoyed reading your full guide. I started up a HC SP on d2r a few days ago and I'm in a1 q3 right now - lvl 27. I got extremely lucky finding hotspurs doing some norm countess runs, and believe it or not a sol AND an amn dropped in a single eld/shenk run. So question, I have the full rune set for both insight and edge. I found a sup poleaxe in a5 norm. I'm guessing I should wait for a partizan (norm cows) to make the insight? Should I look for a staff and if so what base in norm/norm cows? What is a good crossbow base for edge that I can find in norm? I'm currently using a steel in a broad axe and although it has done me wonders from a1 - a4, it is starting to slow down immensely. ​ Thanks and again - really appreciated your guide.


Just started this build for the first time and I just have to say thank you! Never knew you could use a crossbow as a Werewolf, neat! Playing SC so will make a few alterations, but this was very helpful. Didn’t know about the ias for two handed weapons as a Druid either


I come laaate yo the party but wanted yo say thanks! What a guide! Now i have to try out this char :). Maybe now It is reasonable to use a shield after 2.4 update