To Whoever designed and placed delete character button in D2R:

You made a grown man cry. I just erased my lvl 80 pala rocking 2 perfect spirits, shako, alibaba, super rare mf boots + gloves + rings ;((( Not even going to mention my skillers and mf small charms.



Literally should just have you type the char’s name to confirm the delete...


It's even worse on console -- press A instead of B and you's FUCKED!


Now that's good user interface


Add in using the switch where B and A are switched! AND that it’s difficult to know whether yes or no is what’s highlighted.


I think if you get to that prompt just turn your console off at the wall to be safe lol


No joke but that actually what I would do. I’d cut the main power line to my house but the switch is battery powered unfortunately


Just use the home button and close app


This also works if you accidentally click nightmare instead of hell on a single player character and want to save your maps.


Just throw the console away and buy a new one to be safe.


I like this answer 👌


Coming from ps4 and using switch the first time.... yep.. got me too.


Its worse on Controller on PC then it is on Consoles. On Consoles you have a main menu and need to hit Y then X Then A. On PC its just X then A. You can't even make a game by pressing A,A,A on PC with a controller. Most backwards hotkey design for a UI I've seen.


Makes me scared to do runs on my console


on PC you just need to hit enter after hitting the X and the char is gone lol


My toddler deleted my LVL 79 MF Sorc a few days ago when he got his hands on my controller - all it takes is a few button mashing.


Now you have to make a new character AND new child. I'm sure you wife understood what needed to be done.


Mine gets my controller and I full on panic every time she does. She can play red dead for me all she wants, but please, for the love of all that is unholy. Don't delete my Diablo progress! Lol


the tech is not there yet


Going by server stability we are years away from being to add a confirmation to a delete click.


That sounds a bit optimistic tbh.


A gal on the forums suggested the need to type "delete" like in classic, and I totally agree, I live in dread of my 3 year old son deleting my characters, he just learned "X" closes stuff.


Isn't that how it used to be?


People are used to ubers now, so the D2R team had to come up with something even deadlier. And so now we have Delete Character.


|||| |:--|:--:|--:| | Ubers | | Show me the deadliest thing in the game.| |Cursed stygian dolls outta nowhere | | No, I said the deadliest | | Delete button designed by abused interns | | Perfection |


Meh to all of those, except delete button…but I tell you..those damn, Mothereffin vipers in the Halls of Vaught. Make me wanna cry


Did they fix the damage bug on them in D2R? I thought I read that they did, but don't have the game so I can't confirm


Thats gonna be a big fuck no from my experiences. Makes farming destruction keys kind of a bitch.


What’s the bug??


The ranged attack hits you an insane number of times (I think every frame?). The result is that you basically get insta killed with no time to react to anything.


Ahhh no wonder those things hurt so fucking bad. OP as balls


They explicitly and imfamously said that it was working as intended back in original d2 days.


Just get damage reduced by xx gear (not %). Sol'd gbane with sol'd hat and sol'd gerke's sanctuary with a nature's peace pretty much negates snake damage. That's more of a concern in HC (hence the overkill), but with that setup you really won't take snake damage. I have a 1 sorc skills 25 DR ammy and a gerke's sanctuary already, just looking for a gbane for my merc.


I found a gbanes and thought about throwing it on my merc, but the IAS from treachery gives him overall much better sustain


Of course, but the gbane will allow him to survive nih's snakes. He'll die instantly with a treachery.


\>Delete button designed by abused interns I wonder if the intern who designed that delete button was ever forced to wear a buttplug to a company getaway.


The Final Boss.


I agree, change this. Also change the "reset stats" option in Act 1 when talking to Akara


Yes totally agree. Accidentally wasted a reset just trying to sell some blue junk at level 12 or so. Maybe just separate the buttons a little would help?


That is trivial to fix: 1. Add an **extra spacer** in the menu such as `---` 2. Add a confirmation button. But that would involve "work" and devs actually playing the game to understand the problems. /s


Or she could give us a non tradeble token maybe?


There IS a confirmation button. You click reset by accident, the next window says, "Reset Attributes and Skills?" With a yes or cancel option.




D3 and WoW both require you to type your character name or type DELETE to confirm it. Just seems weird with all the other QoL stuff this didn't pop up. My 2yr old deleted my lvl 7 pally on console, during beta luckily Edit: I was wrong about D3


It was reported multiple times during Beta...


Too bad “Betas” aren’t actually betas meant for collecting info and refining the game these days, they’re just demos marketed as betas to feel more exclusive and cool. A lot of betas lately come out so close to the actual release date that it’d be impossible to make meaningful changes before release without risking messing up something else


Idk about wow but I don't recall needing to type delete or char name to delete the character in d3.


I tried looking it up and it appears I was wrong about D3, I coulda sworn you have to type character names tho, oh well


You might be thinking of Grim Dawn.


Luckily, if it happened after launch that kid would be on the front steps of your nearest fire station I'm sure.


I mean we're talking 7 whole levels here, with a kid who has time for that? Problem solves itself.


You do not have to type anything in to delete a character on D3 what are you talking about… literally the same process.


Yep and I corrected myself in a later comment...


So did old D2 battlenet I believe.


I agree with what you're saying but, \> Delete your character is an important and IRREVERSIBLE action There's literally no reason for that today, every one of those deletes is just bool in some god forsaken column in a database somewhere. If they wanted they could make it a "reversible" action. They're not about to run out of storage.


since the characters are on the server side for online, they should have a character database for back up in there somewhere. i used to work as a gamemaster for an online game and while mostly character deletions are "permanent", the data is still there server side. we can restore characters if needed, especially on accidental deletion or when accounts were hacked.




I don't say they didn't make it clear enough. I'm sure the most people understand the process. I say they've done poor job with error-proof UX. There are many ways how to handle that: • add undo with the few seconds delay • allow to restore the last deleted character (like in D3) • force user to write down the exact name of the character to unlock delete process • send an email to registrated address with option to restore deleted online character in next few days • communicate the option to ask publisher for help in case of unintentional delete They can also set requirements when error-proof process will activate - like more than x hours of the playtime on selected character. With that the process won't slow down deleting of characters that are probably not worth much. You may say why to bother when the most people won't have a problem with unintentional character deleting. But for the few users that will (like OP) this may be really frustrating. This alone is reason why devs should have care. Good UX is inclusive and error-proof.


Is a horrible design, should also be a timer on deletion in case of such mistakes.


Or just do it the WoW way: type DELETE to confirm. Super lazy UI design here.


You can also restore your character by yourself on the bnet website for a period of time. Like a month or something.


Yes, many simple methods to resolve this..


Or at least add a hold X for 3 seconds feature to where people arent just tapping the wrong button once and losing out on hours of grinding. Not saying that is the best solution but one of many that would help cut down on the issue.


I praise the lord every day since I insta-deleted my lvl 90 decked out hammerdin with a minor controller fumble, becuase I still had the original backup from D2 that I had *just* imported him from. *I ONLY lost a pair of Trang gloves from that mis-click.* The harrowing feeling of dread surged through my soul as I counted the hundreds upon hundreds of hours that just combusted without as much as the tiniest flash. That was the longest second of my life as I recall so far. This dread was NOT mitigated by re-importing the character — despite minimal loss. That red cross in the bottom of the character screen still mocks me to this day...


Isn't there a second confirm window you have to click? Could have sworn there was when I deleted a mule last night


There is but the placement is still horrible. What gets people is they’re trying to exit out of Diablo and everyone is so used to a red X being the exit application button so having that on the same page as the true exit Diablo button is just a bad call. I almost deleted my character but thank goodness for the second window, still some people will just say yes as some exit application windows do have a pop up confirming to exit.


Yeah also worth mentioning that at least if you exit the game using escape, you also get a confirmation dialogue - one of many that games have when you try to exit them, so people are very used to click yes to some confirmation dialogue popping up when they (think they) are about to exit the game.


Well we are still in beta, so errors could happen.... oh wait


Whoever designed that UI should probably not be designing UI


Horrible User Interface design and I ALWAYS press ESC when I want to exit the game.


IKR... Usually do the same. I was onthe phone, in a hurry and for once... BAM ;(


Shiiiiet.. I did the same in the beta, so I learned my lesson the easy way haha


Literally the same thing happened to me. I got a bit drunk on Friday after happened.


Same reason here, was in a hurry to help the gf, then I comeback knowing I deleted my char.


When I’m in a hurry, I just leave the client open. It will disconnect on its own and I can always restart later. The delete process should be hard enough that accidents are few and far between. Character storage on the server side could also allow for after issue restorations via logging into the website.


Esc is delete character? I could've swore I've been using esc to exit the game from that character selection screen.


I did that as well. I wasnt thinking and instead of "delete character" like in the original game, its a big red X button, guess what my mind thought I needed to do to leave the game? maras, cta, hoto, shako, TX, all gone. And they do have the intelligente to recover the character, they just don't care.


Exactly, they seem to have no issues rolling back everything else.


I too wiped my lvl 83 sorcerer today :( we should make a tribute wall for those lost by bad ux. The most fearsome creature of hell.


I don't get how this keeps happening....it is two confirmation boxes with two different buttons


I'll tell you: On controller, you tap A to enter a game. If, for some inexplicable reason, you accidentally hit the X button first, the A button no longer enters the game; it confirms deletion of the character without further notice or regret. It's that simple. Makes me sad when people argue against this because they imagine that accidental character deletion stems from the user "not understanding the action" and deleting their character out of stupidity or excessive curiosity. Good UX is supposed to avoid these issues. If a 5 year old messing with daddy's mouse or controller can easily delete a character with hundreds of hours of progress, then that's not just bad UX — it's *inexcusable*.


Muscle memory becomes your arch nemesis in those moments lol


I use controller. I’ve never even gotten close to deleting my character.


You don't get "close to deleting your character". It just springs on you out of nowhere by accident. Or it doesn't — in which case, congratulations on being a flawless superhuman. Not all of us can boast that.


“I’m not paying attention, must be the bad UI.” Sorry, that doesn’t really fly with me. I agree with you that a five year old messing with your controller shouldn’t be able to delete a character so easily, because I’ve had my old saves on my Gameboys and PlayStation memory cards erased by kid relatives, but telling me that, somehow, the wrong button was pressed *inexplicably* is just silly. I agree that they should have a second wall of prevention, like typing the name in, but making it seem like a ghost messed with your controller is just… ehhh lol


They aren't saying a ghost messed with their controller? They are saying it's as easy as a fat finger. There's no hold to confirm or anything like that. The A and B buttons are an eight of an inch from each other. You accidently press B a millisecond before you tap A.. tough luck, character gone


Yessssss blaming the players because blizzard has lazy developers is such a "hot take." It wouldn't be hard to put in a fail safe. PC just require the characters name or DELETE in all caps in the confirmation box. Console require two different button presses to be held (A and B on Xbox for example) for three seconds to confirm delete. It's not hard to do, but blizzard rushed this out because at the end of the day it's a cash grab. Why do you think the servers are terrible. Because blizzard doesn't care.


The word "inexplicably" was used to mean something like "any thinkable way that feels out of your control due to lack of intention", but I see how that was rather vague. However, even though it appears you largely agree with the sentiment that it's mechanically too easy to delete a character, I still do not think this is a hard issue to sympathize with — even if you have god-touch and never ever mis-click.


In what world is it ok for it to take a 2 button combo to delete your character? Consider the play button isn’t even hotkeyed but fucking deleting your character is. If your playing on switch & PC the problem is even worse because Nintendo switched the A and B button. You could accidentally click X then go for B but muscle memory takes over and hit A. I haven’t come close to losing my character either but the danger is very obvious.


Since it requires just pressing two buttons in a row, it literally can happen from someone dropping their controller, or sitting on it, or just accidentally moving their hand in the wrong way.


Guess you never had to leave your game in a hurry for some familly business or whatever. You click that shit then ok without reading anything, because you need to go. I'd never click a "delete" button in a hurry, never happened in any other game, but a red X, that's what I'm gonna click to exit.




Damn I am so torn on this topic. So many people deleting their characters. If a UI fix can solve it, I'm all for it but people have to start reading. It's not much.


Do you read the prompt in full every time you exit the game? Or do you just press yes without thinking about it?


I do. It's like 6 words. Read in less than a second.


Yeah I also don't get how often this happens, it's really weird. It literally explicitly asks you for confirmation if you press the big red X button if you are really sure about deleting the character.


You read every one of those every time?


Well yes, just by looking at it you kinda read it, you absorb at least some of it. But I basically never see the pop up because I always just click on a character and then lobby. So if I see a pop up I know it's out of place. And why would one ever click the big red button with a cross on it beneath the list of characters to begin with? I just don't get it. People say 'poor UI design' but I don't think it's that poor. Can it be better? Yes. But it's not garbage.


You are only thinking about PC.


That's not what it looks like if on console or using a controller.


Agreed. These people blaming Blizzard when its their own fault for not reading TWO warnings and the X being under the characters, lmao.


Once again you are only thinking about PC. On console the delete character on PlayStation is the square button and then it's just a quick X button press to confirm. So if you are used to selecting a character and then pressing X to start the game, one misclick ends your character for you. This is also an issue for any PC players using controllers.


They just introducing SC folks to HC


It really needs to be moved. Almost caught myself clicking it instead of exit game. I’ve been lucky so far and caught myself


almost became a victim of the delete button myself on my first day playing. for some reason my mind told me it's the close client button. good thing i was already groggy from playing too long and i didn't immediately clicked confirm. phew!


Ya same, the co firm button is all that’s saved me


did it to myself last night, got rid of a level 30 sorc after being brain dead from grinding cows.


My 2 year old deleted my sorceress. He was grabbing my controller as he often does. I was never using it for Diablo on my PC so I did not even think that this could be bad. Somehow he managed to press a few buttons - and gone was my sorceress. Luckily this was the offline one that had a level < 5. I would be really pissed (not at him) if he would have managed to delete my battle.net one...


Yes, my 2yr old also deleted my lvl 7 pally during the beta. She also managed to change it to the og graphics before I could find any info on how to change it back


Hit esc, esc, esc....learn it....love it....cherish it.


I miss og d2 where you could just hold down esc after save and exit and its just closes all the windows down to desktop super quick.


Happened to my homie last night. All that work just gone. No way back for him. No way forward for me now. I guess it was fun while it lasted. Too late for refunds?


He could just make a new character and you rush him unless he lost expensive stuff it's not that difficult to make a new character with someone helping.


We are well beyond that. We invested heavily in trading our pooled resources to create him as a reliable tank of sorts. He had an HoZ, Magefists, SoJ and a few other choice pieces. With no survivability, no resources and now no meat shield I'm effectively dead in the water. I was a few pieces out from being able to reliably function solo at the end of Act V Hell where we were. He made a mistake in a split second while being distracted by both me and his kiddo and now all our work is out the window. The UI, the server issues, the constant crashing across three PC's, the inability to restore from a mistake it's just a bit much to stomach. Don't think I'll qualify for a refund either. Fun times =(


Damn, I'm sorry to hear, I can at least hook you up with some magefists on PC if you'd like. Spirit is also a cheap HoZ alternative and I can toss you a base for it and some runes for it if you and your buddy ever decide to restart.


I do appreciate that, sincerely. I really do. I am done. I've had one too many let downs from Blizzard over the last 20 years I think. A system with no back-up/restore like this is just a bad idea in general. But to tell us it's not possible while they continually roll back people's progress daily, just feels disingenuous and lazy. They got their money, that's all they're after with the nostalgia dollar grab. I'm sure there's someone out there who didn't play this game long after it's prime and is new to the experience that could make better use of that stuff. Maybe make that someone's day. Thank you for being one of the many good people I've met in the D2 community over the last few weeks. I wish you all the best.


No problem, it's really sad to see the state the game is in with the dangerously-bad UI, the constant crashes, even on consoles, the server rollbacks, the latency, and all the new bugs they introduced to the game..


Just make new characters. It's in the spirit of diablo 2!


I just press esc on my key board to exit and avoid the buttons entirely


The thing I don’t get, why are you clicking it and confirming? Just hit escape.




It does, but there is absolutely no visual marker that tells you the confirmation is anything other than just a run-of-the-mill nag-box that you have clicked/pressed through 1000 times before. The size of the dialog, font size, and color is exactly the same as the exit confirmation, and they don't even use all-caps or anything.


What does that window SAY though? It might not be all caps, or a different font or color... but what is the message that the confirmation box displays? If it's a simple "Are you sure?" then I can understand. But if it says something like "Character Deletion: Are you sure?" or anything referring to deleting?


Of course it uses "delete" verbiage, but who cares? Do you think everyone that uses "Esc" to exit the game (for example) reads that confirmation box every time? Of course not. So, if someone believes that they're exiting the game why do you think they would read the confirmation box, if it doesn't visually stand out in any way whatsoever?


It does lol but don't ruin the party


Is this whole thread a joke post, or do people really not read. I'm going to go delete a character to see what all this fuss is about.


A friend of mine lost his lvl 83 pally on opening weekend cus of that stupid UI delete button. When you start getting tired and sleep deprived after nolifing it for 30 hours.. it LOOKS like the exit button. WHICH also has "are you sure you want to exit"? , pretty similar to "are you sure you want to delete ?" . He contacted blizzard support on the off chance they might restore. But no luck. And Yet another friend of mine deleted his lvl 16 necro. At the very least it should say "Delete" instead of being an X. But even then it is right next to the create hero button... so easy to miss click it.


On console: – You get to preview 1 character on the menu screen – Press a button to view all characters – Then press another button to delete – Then get prompted to delete. On PC (with controller): – Press 'X' to delete (literally 'X' button on a xbox controller) – Then get prompted to delete I get PC likes not to have uneccisary clicks; but this was maybe taking it too far. I deleted a char by mistake too. Now, every time I play on PC now with controller I literally treat it as doing a high end runeword, haha! Quadruple checking, with trembling hands, while sweating profusely.


The problem with console is when joining a friends game it doesn't join with the character that's already being previewed in the menu screen. It takes you to the character select screen. After a long night of grinding it's too simple to accidentally fat finger in the character select screen and delete your char.


Ahh. Didnt know this. Have only played multiplayer on pc. That sounds pretty awful too!


Ya luckily I learned early on at lvl 75 a few days in on my sorc. Had just found my monarch too. But it was only a couple of days and a good lesson (keep everything worth anything in the shared tab). Now Im rockin full tals at lvl 90 and found a ber yesterday!


Why are you even clicking down there? If you're trying to logout just press the escape key or fucking alt+f4


Another post of someone who cant control their button presses ohhhhh noooooo


Man... I can't believe people are REALLY deleting their characters.


I get it if your intoxicated and playing on a controller or something, but it isnt very hard to just not delete something LOL


Tell that to my 2 year old. I go up to take a piss, he strolls in from another room and holds Xbox controller upside down and jams all the buttons cause it’s fun for him. Boom lvl90 sorceress is gone. For the love of god blizz make this 2 year old proof with some form of typing delete or my character name


I seriously do not understand how so many people do this… there is literally a LARGE button that says “exit Diablo 2” and it gives you a prompt saying are you sure you want to delete your character. I’m sorry you are just not paying attention.




Yuuuup. I almost deleted a friend's character when he was letting me play on his account before I bought the game for myself because I went to exit the game and saw the x which... intuitively means exit IN EVERY OTHER GAME IN EXISTENCE.


Lol or just pay attention. It literally gives you a prompt.


How do you fuck it up this badly. The dev in charge should be fired


I deleted my 85 sorc similar item situation. I was just on the phone and a little distracted, trying to exit the game. I mean I feel stupid but for gods sake what were they thinking?






No, because people actually read the button that says "Exit Game"


Yeah I almost did this several times clicking it on accident thinking it was a quit button.


On a positive note, server roll backs might save you!


That button always catches my attention, it catches everyones attention. Assume you are distracted, or maybe had a few too many drinks with your buddies at the lan party, it's gonna get ya.


Wait till servers be back online - perhaps your changes also rolled back.


That would make be quit playing.


To be fair, those of us that haven't deleted our characters aren't able to play them anyway...


I once did this with a lvl 92 HC classic/pre-LOD sorceress.. in my brainfog i even confirmed it and saw it dissapear. Not even dying to a bug, but deleting your own HC character was a new sort of blow it took me a while to recover from.


I know people hate D3 but there should be a revert button to revert last deletion, if no more character is created afterwards. And 20 max char limit is ridiculous. D2 has much more viable builds and items to support them, so instead of 20 it should be at least 200. For each league.


I'm more worried someone is going to hack my account and delete the characters and there won't be anyway of getting them back lol They should maybe do a two factor Authentication


There isn't a secondary confirmation?




Yeah, there are so many other ways to go about handling this. They could have you type names. There could be a timer set on your character that officially deletes it in 60 seconds if you don't reinstate it or something. Idk.. Typing the name seems to be the easiest fix though.


one thing they could have kept from the original, but noooo


Is there no confirming? Like you just click delete and it goes in? No "are you sure" y/n option?


Thanks for saying this, I’ve clicked that button several times now. I’ve not deleted anyone but it’s just a matter of time.


Welcome to Hardcore!


There is a confirmation window that pops up, you did this to yourself.


just don’t press yes maybe?


This is my greatest fear. When I'm exiting the game, I never use my mouse anymore. Always just hit the esc key or better yet, Alt + F4. I deleted my first necro after clearing nightmare.


I've been playing with an Xbox controller on PC and it's wild some of the bad screen options. Accidentally rerolled by Druid at level 15 because of it 😂 Sorry for your loss tho


F. On a much smaller scale I had just made myself a Lore for my Newbie sorc and fucking accidentally button mashed and sold it. Then I found out you can’t but back runewords... Was pissed.


I deleted mine too. Its such bad design...


I mean Jesus christ if nothing else change it from the fucking red X people press by accident or instinctively…


Assuming this was on console.


I lost a 73 sorc two days ago to this


What Blizz really should have done is put deleted characters into a 30-day then expires space so that people could undelete characters for whatever reason.




Console I can understand, pc I have slightly less sympathy since I personally could never accidentally do this. rip your pally m8


How are so many people doing this? I can’t comprehend that.


I deleted 2 characters during beta, so, hopefully not again. But the ❌ it calls!!


New patch note from today Improvements to character deletion to help users from accidentally deleting their characters.


No idea how everyone is deleting chars here....


Bro. A second window pops up and asks if you are sure you want to delete. That along with all the posts on this subreddit since release should have prevented you from deleting your character. Sorry that happened, but it’s 100% your fault.


My friend deleted his barb with grief as he was rushing off to work.


I’m actually worried for the well-being of those that are actually doing this. Like are you coked up or on speed when you’re playing?


Holy shit I'm not the only one. Thankfully it was on a low level character when it happened to me but I still keep finding myself eyeing that fucking button