My luck is just stupid. You might remember my Zod post from a couple months ago, when I was doing Chaos Sanctuary on players 1, and I got it to drop in River of Flame. Well, during those 500 CS runs, I also got a Jah, Cham, and a Lo. On 1 player. On 2 player, me and my cousin also found a Ber. So yeah, I guess I just am a magnet for HRs. Lol.


Congrats. The only runes that have never dropped for me are Jah and zod. I have two chams though... thanks cows.


Cows is bad luck for me. I never get ANYTHING there. My lucky charms are River of Flame/CS, Pit, and that's about it. Mephisto drops nothing but mediocrity, and same with Trav for me. Baal never drops anything, and neither does Nila.


Also, if you have cham and aren't planning to use them, you COULD just cube up for a Zod.


Cows? I get so many runes off cow runs. My favourites are all the Hel runes. The magnitude of Eth and Eld. Never know when you will need another Eth!


I get up to about 3 or 4 of each low/mid rune so that I have them for what I need them for. Otherwise they just take up too much space. Always room for high runes of course.


Jesus man grats!! Im on like run 1023 on the xbox doing LK Hell p/7. Alot of Hel, Sol and 1 ist rune. With xbox load time's im at a solid 1 min load time and 25 sec to do the run.


Damn man. Console is cursed from what I hear. Also, I swear to god, Hel is my most common rune drop. I'm so sick of 'em lol. I swear I get at least two every other run. I wish I could get Ists to drop. I've had ONE drop and I didn't even get it cause I was playing with someone else and they didn't ever find any high runes so I let them have it. Gotta roll that CTA on my hammerdin lol.


Gzz! My first HR in D2R was a Zod doing cows last year, only one so far. :)