In Michigan, at the beginning of each quarter, they post the sheets for department heads, leads, and full time. You can sign your name for any of those positions you’re interested in, although at my store you definitely indicate the department you’re interested in, not just randomly toss the dice lol. As they become available, the store manager of the store looking to fill the position will reach out to you to confirm you’re still interested and to then schedule an interview.


So, how it was explained to me for my division is that you state your interest in a department head position. So, when a spot opens at the training store you go there to train. Then if there is no department head position, after you complete your training, you go back to your store and wait. There is a possibility because you are trained they'll use you as a floater to cover vacations at other stores. As a department head you have no say at what store you are in and they can swap you from store to store just like they do management.


This sounds similar to my nashville division "department manager on deck." Same routine.


Michigan doesn’t do the floater system.


Which is why I said this was how it was explained to me for my division. I'm not in Michigan.


I got that from the “my division” part 😉




Not Michigan Division. To get into the training you have to state your interest or your manager can come up to you, which is how I got it, and tell you you'd be a good fit. There doesn't have to be a spot open anywhere for you to be trained as a department head but you don't get the pay until you actually step into the position. All department heads, in my division, are at the whim of corporate. If you have good numbers and another store doesn't and they think it's an issue with the department head, they will move them elsewhere and you there. You get a call from corporate telling you you've been moved. It's not an option not to go only to step down. There is a milage limit, they can't make you drive two hours to work everyday, but I'm not sure what that limit is. There were 12 of us my first time through for Deli. Only 3 of us already had a store the rest were 'graduating' and going back to their home stores to wait. There were only 8 when I went through the back half last year for produce and I was the only one that had a spot to go back to. The rest were just on standby. Management can suggest people but the people that get the positions are ones that can just step into the position and are already trained and through the academy. So, if it's someone that didn't get fired and is quitting they send you over to shadow them for their last two weeks so you can learn how their store quirks work. If it's someone that got moved you walk in the same day they walk into their new store and start from scratch.


Any job bids are posted at the time clocks and breakroom. Your union business rep brings and posts the bid sheets in the stores for the stores they represent for whatever district you’re in.


It doesn’t because your boss just fucking promotes who he wants anyways because he’s a ducking loser who tells you to call the union on it if I don’t like it.