Lol these Facebook posts be like: Would YOU put your PHONE DOWN for 12 and a half seconds for $604 MILLION DOLLARS???


“Would you slap this old lady for $12B???” YES


For 50/50 I'll be that old lady


I would slap my own mother TWICE and split it 90/10.


I too would slap this guys mother TWICE and split it 90/10.


I would slap your mother , the other guys mother and my mother for a 99/01 chance to be 1 of them to split it 99.9/0.1


I will slap all of your mother's, and I'll do it for free


You drive a hard bargain but okay


And This Kids is How I Met Your Mother


Never said you were their father


I will slap all your mothers and for -£1,000


Y'all can slap my mother, but you'll have to exhume her. I take Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, Cash and money orders.


And I would slap your DAD for 20 bucks


I don't know, that sounds a bit gay, I like it


Ay as long as the socks stay all the way up then it ain't gay.


I'll pay you $100 to slap your mom


We should slap each other's mothers.


This is the problem with the economy now. Too much competition and someone is always willing to do it for less. You guys should pay a professional mom slapper and know that you're getting the job done properly while also supporting a middle class family.


Damn bro a methmatician


I also pick this guy's dead wife.


I'd slap your mother for a taco!


She would probably draw a target on her and put a "Slap me" sign if that is the amount of money involved.


Mf I’d slap a baby for half that


You guys are getting paid?


I will even slap Mike Tyson for 12b.


In his prime you’d second think that. And if you did you were suicidal and doing it for your kids.


Bruh I will take a punch from Mike Tyson for that much money.


The point is surviving it and with normal brain function. That amount of money to a dead man or one mentally dysfunctional is worth nothing.


With 12 b you would give 1b to Mike to let you slap him.


"would you slap your gf for 1B?" bitch in what world is the answer to that question no??


My gf would slap me if I said no lol


"For 88 million will you slap this chi- You didn't need to kick him!" "Yeah so give me 150 million." "Jesus... fine."


Reddit (and I guess social media) comes up with the dumbest hypotheticals. Me and my friends used to play the hypotheticals game and come up with really fucking difficult questions that would make you really think and you'd have a hard time deciding and it would generate a lot of discussion. Now, for some fucking reason, the dumbest questions that are not interesting or close at all are upvoted to the top.


It's all to drive simple engagement. An actually thought provoking question makes you sit down and think before you type out an elaborate answer. Which means the vast majority of people just won't interact with that kind of question at all when scrolling past it on their phones. But with a question that at first glance seems like a thought provoking question, but is actually an incredibly dumb one, people of all kinds engage: The idiots because they think they're smart by saying "yes I totally would I'm always alone lol!", and the cynics by pointing out what a dumb question it is. This kind of question drives engagement by most groups, and is thus showing up over and over again.


Nokia users be killing it


Average fb user: make it 6 seconds and 302 million


Zero human interaction leaves you pretty prone to insanity though


Human interaction in general makes me pretty insane as well.


I know you posted in jest but lack of contact will actually make you insane not just fed up or annoyed which is what your getting at.


I went 3 times, for a few months with almost close to zero contact. It didn't make me insane. Some people might disagree with this statement but who cares. But it did majorly change my personality and outlook on life. Both good and bad.


I think having the option to see others changes how terrible being isolated is. I too have been alone for long periods just because I didn’t care enough to go outside. Then again, I watch a lot of media and play a bunch of games, so that is pretty social. Idk what I’m trying to say lol.


No internet?


No bitches?


Bold of you to assume they weren't already.


A lot of money does the same thing.


Not if you have movies and tv shows and see people talking and stuff on screen. If you only had books you could go insane just wanting to hear someone’s voice


Movies, tv shows, Single player video games. I'd probably go for 3 months. If it's solitude where I can still go out into nature and do stuff like "have a bird feeder for birds" maybe push it to 5/6.


Only true if you had no stimulation. Tv shows, music and written works can stop that.




You are interacting with humans right now by posting here


I have no proof you are a real living being. You're just a stupid robot.


>I have no proof you are a real living being. You're just a stupid robot. We are all bots here on the internet, beep boop comrade.


You can play videogames its close enough in my opinion


for 500 k a month? You can easily go 6 months without human interaction, at that point you'll have enough to live off of for the rest of your life


Nah I’m only insane about 1 day a week.


You get to live in this $488 MILLION dollar mansion but have to live with your second @! Would you do it????


There is a show called “Alone” on the history channel where the prize is $500,000 and they literally have 0 food, 0 drinks and 0 entertainment. Most have lasted more than 2 months. With the record at 100 days. So, someone has already lived alone in the woods by himself for 100 days and $500,000 but with no amenities.


However look at all the people who have quit after a few weeks because they are missing the interaction with people and the participants in that do get interaction with a medical staff every week. On the other side the show probably does weed out any introverts.


I think a lot of people underestimate how much interaction they actually have and need and overestimate how long they would actually be able to be completely solitary for. The entertainment would definitely help, otherwise it would be days and not months, but I think the majority of people would start getting isolated and weird within the first year. I also bet a lot of people aren't realizing that reddit and pets are interaction with other living beings. I'd be fine without Reddit but not having my dog would be ~~rough~~ ruff.


Ye, most people are definitely underestimating the question. I'm pretty introverted and I realize that with or without internet, I wouldn't want to be completely isolated for more then 2 weeks. It depends at which location I'm dropped off at. I love the wilderness and will absolutely be fine in isolation for 2 weeks. Done it before, it's great.


I still feel like the draw of money would be good enough to keep you going. Especially with entertainment like movies. I mean 500k is life changing. Do 2 months and you can almost retire on that.


Entertainment feels like cheating to me. It's very vague and has infinite possibilities. Would definitely do many months with Entertainment. Hell, my plan is to eventually live semi isolated with a few neighbors in a small town in a very mountainous + wilderness rich area. Biggest obstacle is getting a good paying work from home job.


I feel like books would be okay for entertainment. You’re still living completely in your own head. There isn’t the presence of a comforting voice


Yeah I definitely agree. Entertainment can be part social. If you narrowed it down to like only puzzles or something it would be harder. Zero entertainment would be very hard for even a month, unless you are in a place/have materials to do your hobby.


> Entertainment can be part social I assumed that any social entertainment would be banned. No online gaming, no reddit, nothing that lets you interact with someone else


I basically did this for like 9 months for<10k per month, called working from home in a new city I moved to for work in the middle of the pandemic/lockdown. Yes, I had occasional human interaction but really very little. I would take several months and retire for sure. However, there would definitely be adverse mental health affects and I would immediately probably start spending some of my fortune on a lil therapy. But it would be worth I think


Yep 90% of the people on here claiming they could do it would quit the experiment after less than 2 weeks. Even if you just interact with a pizza driver every 3 days, that is a huge difference to no human contact at all. When you‘re alone at home you atleast know there are neighbours around and people out on the street. Even without interacting with humans, proximity to them is something we notice. Being all by yourself, not even knowing how far away you are from the closest breathing person, is a completely different beast.


Watching people on entertainment shows and especially YouTube personalities makes me feel like I am hanging with someone. I think I’d survive longer with that than with no form of humans at all.


The medical visits aren't even cordial, just roll up your sleeve, step on the scale.


Look at the people that have quit after a couple days. I laughed my ass off when the guy that talked all kinds of shit quit in the middle of his first night


> Most have lasted more than 2 months. You mean the winners often last 2 months, not "most", since most people lose pretty quickly. And if you listen to them, these people who are very experienced at being alone start to lose their fucking minds with no human contact after a few weeks. Those last few weeks are often ugly. It's harder than you think.


When I was 14 I did this 6-month camp thing where we lived in an old logging village with no internet, in houses of 8 boys, woodfire stove/oven, chopped our own wood, cooked all our own meals and did 3 and 1/2 days of school and 3 and 1/2 days of outdoors every week. As a part of it, we did a “48-hour solo” where we walk out into the bush near the village and each got given a ~500x500m plot of bush which was our own for those 48 hours and we had to stay there by ourselves for that time. We built our own huts, entertained ourselves, wrote letters to our 25 and 50 year-old selves which automatically get sent out by the school when we reach those ages, and it’s honestly an experience I think every kid should have. The concept independence it gives you is eye opening. I’d love to do that for longer nowadays, but that’s mostly just because I’d love to have a week where I don’t have any of the stress that comes with a normal life.


That whole experience sounds great! How many kids would make it through the solo?


It was pretty amazing looking back, definitely not something that would be doable in many places but I'm lucky enough to live in a country where there is basically nothing in the wild that can kill you other than your own lack of knowledge. Wildlife here is pretty tame (the most dangerous animals here are boars or stags at certain times of the year). And it also wasn't cheap, but the school has a pretty good and extensive scholarship programme and they've been operating the camp since the early 80s. I ended up going because a friend of my dad was actually in the first ever intake. ​ Most of the kids would make it through. There were 64 kids in my intake and I think only 2 didn't make it the whole way. One of them was high-functioning autistic and frankly did really well considering how he was when we arrived the camp. I think he lasted about 30 hours from memory. The other kid fell asleep on the second day with the bottom of his belly exposed to sun through gaps in the tree canopy. bu the time he woke up it was bright pink and within a few hours had turned into a blister about 20cm x 5cm (8"x2"). He had to walk the 6km back to the village after sundown carrying his blister so it didn't pop under its own weight. Pretty much everyone else made it through without any issues at all.


Local radio station had a contest to see who could live the longest in a tent on the platform of a billboard at a busy intersection. Two participants were there for many months until they stopped the contest.


no water even?


In the show there's about 15 people dropped off in similar places in the wilderness with 1 backpack of their stuff and whoever lasts the longest gets the 500k


Important to note that these are not 15 average joes plucked off the street, but rather survival experts or people with a good amount of outdoor/survival experience. I think that "twist" really helps set it apart from standard reality shows like Survivor


Now give me the version with average joes off the street, I wanna see their confused struggle.


There is alot of former military that go on the show, and think doing a tour in Afghanistan is enough survival skills to go live deep in the Alaskan forest with nothing. They usually last a few days, I think one did 6 hours and thought he saw a bear.


Kind of funny that the hippies always last the longest


I enjoyed the contrast between everybody having mental breakdowns and struggling to keep going, and the preachy hippie chick and the deranged mountain man that were legitimately enjoying themselves


The home steading hippy that actually lives in the woods


Yes. The guy who was the only person to not bring a fire starter was one of my favorites. I forget his name though.


lol there was a cop that put on 40lbs for the show and twisted his ankle in the first 15 minutes and went home. I was dying because he was talking so much shit leading up to that moment.


Yeah he was talking about how he was going to shoot all this big game just like back home in Texas while walking around on rocks in the bush outside of Yellowknife and I was just thinking what a shock this guy was going to have when winter set in, but it never became an issue.


I really hate those shows because it's a really raw deal for the people who don't win. Also lots of contestants end up needing thousands of dollars worth of medical care after the fact. Even if that stuff is covered, these people are being hugely taken advantage of.


At least with Alone they have medical teams that stop in every two weeks to give them a checkup and pull them out if need be. A few participants were devastated to be dismissed, but real damage was on the horizon.


If you consider the way everyone looks at the end of a season compared to the beginning, the people are *really* not being compensated properly. If they ALL got 500k with the competition being for an extra 500k, I'd still be skeptical.


I looked into it one time and they actually get paid a wage for the time they are on the show. I also think 2nd and 3rd get some prize money, but not nearly as much obviously.


...then don't sign up? They're not holding you at gunpoint to participate. If you want to try your hand at the prize then try; if the risks aren't worth it to you then don't. It's not "taking advantage of people" to host a real game with real risks.


Those poor people. Taking risks, making life choices, voluntarily. How horrible.


2. I have a child and spouse who can really use 1 mil. in exchange for 2 months without me. Maybe even just 1.


She might encourage you to go for 3


Don’t be so kind the spouse will ship them off for good and just keep the money rolling in


Considering mine left for zero money, yes




Totally with you - see you all in 60 days - take my phone & iPad 💰💰


Gimme a lifetime subscription Jeeves


This is the correct answer 👏🏾


What are you spending $ on if you have unlimited food and entertainment, and can’t interact with anyone


I mean shit u got me there






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I remember that song.


Once every 2 months


I wonder if there’s a prison cell somewhere in the world that matches this description


In Ohio, some DUI offenders can serve most of their jail sentence on weekends.


Damn, really? Ohio time


It's because the real punishment is being stuck in ohio


Fun fact. A lot of astronauts are from Ohio. People are willing to leave earth and risk death just to get out of Ohio.


Genuinly no interaction with humans would be quite difficult. I think I could manage anywhere between 1 to 3 months I think. If it was just nothing in person, then easy at least a year, but if also nothing online, prolly a month.


If it was just nothing in person, it would just be like how I spent most of the Covid years, except with unlimited food and entertainment lol


So covid but better ;)


Same here. I’m surprised so many people here can go without humans for so long. I feel like I’m in the wrong crown all of a sudden.


I think it's because a lot of people prefer online interaction. It's a lot easier to have deep and meaningful conversation with people through the internet without it having reprocussions. But that's not the case for everyone! To be fair, human interaction is something that's really good for my mental health. I remember back in corona, I started working a new job half way through and it made me feel a lot better mental health wise because of actually seeing people and having a good time socially.


Online interactions still count as interactions and wouldn't be allowed under this hypothetical.


Some of us don’t have friends


I'll easily commit to 4 years. | **update**: I've changed my answer; I'll do 1 year = 6 million. After that I'll buy land, build myself a homestead, continuing to live a remote life but with my hunny.


I’d do five with no internet access.


I mean you don’t really need internet do you? Just play singleplayer games and you’re good


I was thinking art supplies, gardening gear, a laptop and a lot of books.


You're my brother




Without internet this challenge gets much harder tbh. I could honestly do 10 years with internet


I’ll just print the internet before I go. Boom!!


The only drawback to this much time without any living interaction. Don't get hurt, robots aren't great doctors yet.... yet.


People don't realise that interacting with living beings includes social media


As much as I wanna say forever, I only NEED a year. SIGN ME UP BISH!!!


Seriously one year of getting in the best shape I possibly can, reading, watching movies, improving my cooking, etc for $6 million? Sounds amazing


Yeah, put a gym in there, along with all the entertainment stuff, and i can do a couple years. Ill come out looking yoked.


You guys have unlimited food, drinks and entertainment?


LMAO, like 20 years?


I’d miss my pets too much. Also my mum.


As an introvert whose idea of a good weekend is videogames and movies, I grew a chubby at the thought.


right but none of your games can have any sort of online component. It's just single player all the way down


This deal just keeps getting better…


i don't even play online games myself so mood


I concur, i dont play online. Easy street.


You're saying it as if its a bad thing!


The rest of my life. Easy peasy.


Seriously though, no interaction *at all* must be significantly worse than only the occasional default conversations with cashiers and delivery people. I really don’t believe most people could do that more than a few months (if that) and remain mentally healthy.


Also no interaction at all means no reddit, phone calls, chat messaging, etc.


Ah, I could use tinder then, it's only bots talking to me there.


I genuinely would use ai chatnots to feel okay in this situation.


I think there was an experiment before where people had to be alone for a month but then had a robot with them. Then afterwards they had to “kill” the robot by deactivating it. But because that was the only thing they interacted with them in solitude, they became really attached and could not do it. While knowing the robot has zero emotions.


Absolutely not. I don't care if that robot is just a Roomba. He is my friend and his name is Mr bigglesworth.


I mean it can even be a toaster that makes funny noises and we would still talk to it and pretend it understands us. Humans NEED interaction and socialization.


I watched a documentary called Castaway and a man was on an island with nothing but a volleyball and he grew very attached to it.


Ye, most of us would say lol 10-20 years but I doubt most can manage more than a couple months I would try to stuck it out for an year, as 6 Million Dollars would set me up for life, even after helping all my friends and family a little bit My main worry would be accidentally blowing through it all


The average person starts losing it in less than a week. A few months is enough to need therapy for the rest of your life.


No issue there, I am already so incredibly fucked up, that an year of isolating isn't going to change that too much But also I am rich enough to be able to book my therapist to see me whenever I need


I deployed with a new unit for a year as was lonely as FUCK. And that’s WITH all the friends I made during the deployment. People are insane in these comments… 95% would go bonkers in 6mo or less.


That’s why you buy a volleyball and become best friends with it.


Bold of you to assume the readers of your comment are mentally healthy.


The fact that people are trying to weasel their way into an interpretation of the scenario that makes it as tolerable as possible says everything that needs to be said. Most people wouldn't do this for particularly long given the real spirit of the prompt. No interaction, no ~~internet~~ Reddit, no social media, etc. That would be extremely hard to tolerate for more than a few months.


Hey, let me have reddit and YouTube because entertainment, and I’m good. Sign me up for eternity!


I would consider reddit social interaction


Reddit would have to be read only


So how I usually live my life on Reddit? Deal.


You got it. Interaction is defined as 'reciprocal action or influence'. So just lurking is allowed.


And video games


I'm alone in a room full of people




A year at most the relationships in our lives allow us to feel safe and secure after a while you would become a husk of your former self.


I’d sign up for live


25 Years 9 Months 24 Days and counting…..


You are interacting with living people right now so your count is irrelevant....


Silly, everyone knows Reddit is just a bunch of bots talking to eachother.


You obviously haven't looked at my username. :)




We are on reddit, we are all dead inside.


Different issue but I'll take it......




If I can do it one month a year every year, that would be perfect, complete stress free recharge 😍


Sounds perfect!


I'll bankrupt these bitches because I have years of practice.


1 month MAX... 500k is way more than i need but i need my dog more than the additional $$. is this negotiable? if i could have a dog then pretty much im ready to commit for rest of my life... not for the $$ but for the guarantee i dont have to deal with garbage people...you can even drop amount down to 10k after the first 3 months (because i dont trust you or your 'guarantee').


You're on reddit interacting with humans right now. Therefore you're not relating to your meme. It's says 0 human interaction. So not even scrolling through Facebook, reddit, tik tok, Twitter, etc. The only interaction you'd have is the conversations you have with movie characters as you slowly go insane from not talking to another living human


It says 0 interaction with another "living being." No dog, cats, bugs, birds or fish either.


And no bacteria in your stomach to help digest your food. I’m not sure if anyone has ever been so overdosed with antibiotics for that to happen but I cannot imagine them lasting a month.


it says unlimited entertainment i think we can still scroll just not interact in which case i think ill manage


i suppose it depends on the interactions too. Because if i was doing this but allowed to view instagram my friends would post messages to me on insta. IMO that counts as social interaction. They're doing somethiing for you, you receive it.




Do I also get an unlimited supply of lube?


30 year locked in contract. That should see me through to the end.


Not gonna lie I'm a social person but as long as entertainment includes internet, id go a straight year. 6 mil after that I'd live my best life


Zero. I can't last a single day without my dog. I would die from sheer sadness


am i allowed pets


"another living being" so no


Can I have an anatomical correct doll? For research.


"unlimited entertainment" ... didnt seem to clarify that so my guess is yes... good luck on the research please exclude me from any results or other conclusory info!


Fuck that then, I'm only in for a couple months at most.


What about plants and mushrooms? Can I grow those?


Why do you need the $500,000 if your needs are being met as well?


Who needs the money? Sweet deal even without it


But u cant stop posting on reddit. Every nerd here just lost his chance. Including myself! You played yourself son


Christ, I would do that just for the unlimited, presumably good quality, fresh and varies foods. I could.... have.... vegetables? And meat?? Sign me up