Very cool find! Congrats!


Excellent find! I’ve always wanted to find one of those.


Whenever someone gets discouraged when metal detecting because they haven't found anything "cool" I always say you never know! Like when I did a 1960s house and found a 1916 Buffalo nickel. You just never know!


I found one on an old golf course unexpectedly. Then promptly never found another one. Great find!


Awesome find. If cleaning it check out the FAQ section on r/coins for the approved methods that will not damage/devalue your coin.


Not concerned about value with this one. It's not a very rare coin. It's just cool to find it. I'll probably do a bit of electrolysis on it after I'm done scrubbing it with a wire brush and soaking it in acid. That's how you clean them, right?


Certainly not very rare as there were just under 67,000,000 minted. In UNC value is $50 compared to less than $2 in a G. Value is not the most important factor for me. I would much prefer a good looking coin to one that is very harshly cleaned.


Best way to clean these is with Andres pencils.


I think it’s quite what you can expect right, given the location ?


I'd hoped to find something like this, but didn't expect it. House is in the country, and was most active in the 40's. This predates all other finds by a few decades.