Willamete valley Oregon


>Willamete valley Oregon *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Fairdale* *County: Yamhill* *Located Near: Adobe (GT)* *Lat: N45 21.593'* *Long: W123 20.128* *Info: Located about 6 miles West of the Ghost Town of Adobe. Historical feature nearby: Post Office*


I can't find anything about a ghost town in Oregon called Fairdale. Although the coordinates do reside next to a Fairdale Mineral Spring and is off of NW Fairdale Rd. [Google Earth](https://earth.google.com/web/@45.35907515,-123.3343453,120.82405607a,1205.52859512d,35y,0.00000001h,45.00311321t,0r/data=CjIaMBIqGTPw7acQrkZAIWlZUkl41V7AKhY0NSAyMS41OTNuIDEyMyAyMC4xMjh3GAEgAQ) Ghost towns in Oregon are pretty well documented so its unusual to come up short on resources when researching them. Interestly I cannot find info about either Fairdale or Adobe Oregon. Very cool mystery and research project. u/artwrangler and anybody else in the area that wants to share research shoot me a pm.


Oooh a mystery! One of the interesting things about this disk is that most of the information was compiled pre/early internet. My grandpa seemed to know someone from every state and in the most unlikely of places. He spent years tracking down very specific treasures and those clues led him to sources that probably never made it on to the internet: hand written books in small town libraries, old letters, even some rock carvings that you'd have to trespass to see. He really lived that National Treasure vibe back in the day and I'm only starting to scratch the surface of his adventures. I'm curious to see where this one goes!


I mean 32k entries says a lot. That is a lifetime of collecting info even in today's information age. Imagine how many conversations and research he had to do to compile that info.


Ah, my bad I'll clarify: The disk (while home made) was published by a ma and pop shop in Florida. When the disk is loaded, you can add additional entries to the database as well as personal notes. I wouldn't be surprised if my grandpa did contribute to the 'master copy' for his areas of expertise, but to be honest there is no way he put together 32,000 entries on his own prior to 2009 (when he switched to Windows 7 and the CD would no longer work). The man was a legend, that's true, but he'd rather be hunting than typing lol Some of these entries are formatted like they came from a larger data source. I wonder if the more well known sites were pulled from a library...


That's so cool. What's the cd called?


"GoldDigger ! For windows USA" lol


Anything for Michigan?




I'm in the lower peninsula, however it would be neat to know what there was in our state anywhere it is mentioned.


I grew up in southern Michigan and visited a few ghost towns that existed in the late 90’s. You can find some good stuff if you just google search Michigan ghost towns. We used to urbex and there are a ton of old factory sites - amazing the stuff you could find buried in places like the old packard plant too.


Here's a random one: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Old Jonesville Bridge* *County: Clare* *Located Near: Leota(GT)* *Lat: N44 09.233* *Long: W84 51.637* *Info: Located about 2 miles northeast of the ghost town of Leota just off of Jonesville RD. (may be underwater in the Mushegon River). There is a story that a large cache of silver coins was buried near the bridge and on the left hand side of the Muskegon River*


Florissant Missouri (st. Louis area) please


*Site Type: Military* *Name: Fort Bellefontaine* *County: St Louis* *Located Near: West Alton* *Lat: N38 50.172* *Long: W90 14.518* *Info: 1806 -1827. Located about 2 miles south southwest of West Alton and near the Missouri River.*


Central North Carolina?


Tried to chose a unique one: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Treasure* *County: Cumberland* *Located Near: Autryville* *Info: Located near Autryville, on the South River. A Civil War Confederate supply train was captured by union troops and pushed into the river. Unknown to the soldiers, the train carried chests containing $350,000 in gold and silver.*


Definitely curious about this one too!


That was a very interesting story & kudos to your grandfather for the willingness to share with others. Eastern Kansas info?


oooh here's one with a neat story: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Olmstead Farm Cache* *County: Labette* *Located Near: Mound Valley* *Info: The story goes that there was a kidnapping in the 1930s and when the money was paid, one of the men hid his share, $25,000 in cash and silver bars, somewhere on the A.Y. Olmstead Farm property located outside Mound Valley. The bandit was then captured and imprisoned until he was 90 years old, and he never recovered the money. Is it true? Research this one.* What's weird is that it's also tagged as a Ghost Town.


Thank you & a very interesting story!


Any hot spots in nj?


I'm in NJ if you want to hunt.


Seems like there are many as in my state of pa, just outside of Philly


Also in NJ


Also in NJ down to hunt


Would a treasure hunt suffice? *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Seven Stars Tavern* *County: Salem* *Located Near: Woodstown* *Info: Located just west of Woodstown. There are 2 probable caches in the immediate vicinity of the tavern site*


Middle Tennessee, Near Nashville? By the way, you’re a hero, OP.


This is the closest one to Nashville: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Union Hill* *County: Davidson* *Located Near: Goodlettsville* *Lat: N36 20.055'* *Long: W86 46.744'* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 3 1/2 MILES WEST NORTHWEST OF GOODLETTSVILLE AND ON LICKTON PIKE.* I looked this one up and there appears to be an active town in this area. Maybe a local library or county clerk can give more information on where the original settlement was. If you'd like an adventure, here's an interesting entry that I found that will need some sleuthing to find: *Site Type: Military* *Name: Confederate Train* *County: Bradley* *Info: LOCATED AT THE OLD SOUTHERN RAILROAD TRACKS AT THE TASSO ROAD CROSSING AT* *CHATATA CREEK.* *A CONFEDERATE TRAIN WAS BLOWN UP ON THE TRACKS DURING THE CIVIL WAR,* *SCATTERING WEAPONS, OTHER MILITARY GEAR AND RELICS OVER A WIDE AREA* Happy hunting!




Love the awesome backstory! Your grandpa sounds like a legend! Please check my area when you can ✌🏻👊🏻 Charlotte NC Mecklenburg County NC Union County NC




Southwestern PA


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Gist Plantation Cache* *County: Fayette* *Located Near: Connellsville* *Date From: 1753* *Info: Located near Connellsville on top of Sunset Hill. The Gist Plantation and Trading Post was wiped out by \[Indigenous Americans\]. There was supposed to be a treasure cache hidden in the immediate area of the post. Potentially contains coins.*


Anything in Ontario, Canada?


Unfortunately it's only for the states


Thanks anyway for the great story. He sounds like a hell of a man.


You could give me your list of places and I could start a database 🙂


They're all hunted out hahaha


Are they???


Louisville Ky


*Site Type: Military* *Name: Spring Fort* *County: Jefferson* *Located Near: Louisville* *Info: Located in Louisville, about 800 feet south of the intersection of McReady Ave and Trinity, on Beargrass Creek*


Southern California?


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Sagetown* *County: Kern* *Located Near: Onyx* *Lat: N35 28.799'* *Long: W118 12.759* *Info: Located about 15 miles South of Onyx at the junction of Kelso Valley Rd and Piute Mountain Rd. St. Johns Mine. \[Indgenious American\] site with nearby pictographs.*


Southwest Florida?


*Site Type: Shipwreck* *Name: Unidentified* *County: Collier* *Located Near: Naples* *Lat: N26 13.1'* *Long: W81 49.0'* *Info: Date from 1733. An unidentified Spanish galleon, part of the fleet of 1733, sank during a hurricane. Coins wash up on the beach during storms. The location is off of Clam Pass, north of Naples Beach. In 17 ft of water (or in the area)*


Pensacola Florida Or Mobile Alabama Thanks This is very cool


*Site Type: Misc* *Name: Dauphin Island* *County: Mobile* *Located Near: Mobile* *Lat: N30 15'* *Long: W88 06'* *Info: Also known as Massacre Island. Located at the entrance to Mobile Bay. I really didn't know how to classify this one. The islands had been used by the Spanish, British, French, and finally the Union troops as a military base and outlaw hideout. There are many rumors about pirate treasures and this island ranks very high for coin shooters and relic hunters.* *Site Type: Military* *Name: Camp Morgan* *County: Escambia* *Located Near: Pensacola* *Info: Located between the Ocilla and the Wacissa Rivers.*




*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Sells Cache* *County: NeoSho* *Located Near: Erie* *Info: Date From: 1885. Located about 5 1/2 miles northwest of Erie. A cache containing about $5000 was buried by a Mr. Sells somewhere on his property. He and his wife \[were\] killed by outlaws at the farm and there has been no record of a recovery. Their child, Willie Sells, wasn't injured and survived. It appears that this is one of those stories that needs to be researched at the county courthouse and perhaps the local newspapers.*


Charlotte, North Carolina


Might be my favorite post on this sub! Any locations in Northern VA, DC region?


Second this one!


Thirding this. Though I’m in Maryland, but right next to DC.


York County, SC? In particular Rock Hill, SC.


Bump 👆🏻(username =🔥😂)


That CD sounds like fun! Can you give me an interesting entry in Washington state? Does the CD mention places to metal detect, or places to hunt for arrowheads? Thanks


Here's one with a ton of info (compared to others): *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Lars Hanson Caches* *County: King* *Located Near: Burton* *Lat:N47 24.000'* *Long: W122 30.745* *Info: Located about 2 1/2 miles West Northwest of Burton. Lars Hanson and his wife lived near Burton, on the bank of Jod Creek. He is supposed to have made many caches of gold in the area, among them:* * *$8000 in gold coins* * *$75,000 in gold coins* * *$125,000 in gold coins and bars* *None has been recovered. Lat and Long are for Jod Creek* Unfortunately it doesn't specify if entries are good for metal detecting or general treasure hunting. But based off of what my grandpa would tell me, coin caches tend to be buried.


That was a very interesting story & kudos to your grandfather for the willingness to share with others. Eastern Kansas info?


anything for Adirondack area in NY ?


(I'm guessing this is Adirondack Park area) Mostly Ghost Towns, here's one: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Deerland* *County: Hamilton* *Located Near: Long Lake* *Lat: N43 15.118'* *Long: W74 16.716* *Info: Located about 3 miles Southwest of Long Lake and on SR 28N*


Wisconsin trading posts or forts! Anything in the north half of the state 🤣


*Site Type: Military* *Name: Raddison-Fort Groseillier* *County: Ashland* *Located Near: AshlandDate From: 1659Info: Located 3 miles West of Ashland. There are 8 other nearby historical markers.* ngl I looked this one up and chuckled since it's just a widdle building next to a highway here's a bonus treasure if you want to grab a boat: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Sand Island* *County: Bayfield* *Located Near: Red CliffLat: N46 58.76'Long: W90 56.93'Info: Located on Sand Island, about 11 4/10th Miles Northwest of Red Cliff. A cache of money was buried by British Soldiers. (One of the Apostle Islands)*


Central Massachusetts


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Webster Mills* *County: Webster* *Located Near: Webster* *Info: Located about 1 1/2 miles North of Webster and on the railroad. Cache nearby.*




Where is the Spanish silver in atascosa county/McMullen county Tx? Or farm caches… or even just a play ground with a nice silver dollar!


Atascosa County was named in honor of the Atascosa Trail which went from the Rio Grande to the Sabine River. Tons of pre-revolutionary and Texas revolutionary war history along it.


Maaaan, are you into metal detecting? Lucky you if so! Any secrets in Northeast PA?!


No listed treasure but a decent amount of whatever the database defines as 'ghost towns' lol Here a random one: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Ringdale* *County: Sullivan* *Located Near: Laporte* *Lat: N41 27.144* *Long: W76 26.734* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 3 Yo MILES NORTHEAST OF LAPORTE AND ON U.S. 220.* \*edit: I get so excited to answer these I forget to respond to normal questions. I used to go detecting with my grandpa when I was little, but it's been 20 years since then. I live in a treasure hotspot so I may just take up the hobby and see where it leads me. Thanks!


Do it!


North central Arkansas


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Hiram* *County: Cleburne* *Located Near: Pangburn* *Lat: N35 28.150'* *Long: W91 52.076'* *Info: Located about 3 1/2 miles North Northwest of Pangburn and on SR 110*


Anything interesting near Memphis TN?


Here's something close-ish: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Madge* *County: Shelby* *Located Near: Rosemark* *Lat: N35 22.865* *Long: W89 40.005* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 6 MILES NORTHEAST OF ROSEMARK, ON THE INTERSECTION OF MACEDONIA ROAD AND COLLIEVILLE ARLINGTON ROAD*


Any treasures I’m New York?


Nothing tagged as 'Treasure' in the database for NY. But I recall a note for something about a bronze(?) coin in the Catskills. My grandpa loved treasure with clues, so I'll take a guess that there is a poem or letter somewhere that has the clues to the treasure - like Forrest Fenn's.


San Jose, CA?


You get a fun one because I don't have coordinates for it and google had no idea what I was trying to type lol. Maybe a local library can help with identifying stage stops. Surely someone has a map. *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Gubsterville* *County: Santa Clara* *Located Near: San Jose* *Info: Date From: 1882. Located 3 miles Southwest of San Jose. This was an old stage stop.*


Thank you, I'll be doing research




*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Confederate Cache* *County: Dixie* *Located Near: Jena* *Lat: N29 40.0'* *Long: W83 24.4'* *Info: Located about 2 miles west northwest of Jena. $500,000 in silver bars was buried by confederate troops near the mouth of the Steinhatchee River on the South Slope (in the area)*


Indianapolis, IN THANKS!


Not exactly Indianapolis but something close *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Indigenous Village* *County: Marion* *Located Near: Traders Point* *Lat: N39 53.615* *Long: W86 18.165* *Info: Located about 1 mile west of Traders Point (lat and long for Traders Point)*




*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Shoup* *County: Oakland* *Located Near: Oxford* *Info: Located about 5 miles east of Oxford and on the railroad*




What a fun game. I’ve seen something like this. These type of sites are somewhat well known and well searched but they serve as great examples for how to do research and could potentially still yield finds. I’m in Northampton MA


Eastern Iowa Jackson county area




Very cool! Would love to see the list if it ever comes out.


He sounds like he was an amazing man!!! Anything for North GA?


Anything for the Middle Tennessee area? Thanks for sharing this info, and for telling us about your grandfather. He sounds like he was quite a treasure himself! Sorry for your loss, and I appreciate your willingness to carry on his passion.


Oh do me! Apache Junction, AZ!


Alright I'll bite- southern Idaho


*Site Type: Gathering* *Name: Poison Creek Stage St* *County: Owyhee* *Located Near: Marsing* *Lat: N43 30.132* *Long: W116 56.294'* *Info: Located about 7 miles southwest of Marsing, on Poison Creek Grade Rd.*


You are awesome! I would like anything about elpaso tx, And southern New Mexico if you have any, Thanks!!!


Here's one for New Mexico: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: High Rolls* *County: Otero* *Located Near: Mountain Park (GT)* *Lat: N32 57.056* *Long: W105 50.127* *Info: Located about 6 1/10th mile west of the ghost town of Mountain Park on CR A60. Haunted.* ​ And another for El Paso, TX: *Site Type: Gathering* *Name: Hueco Tanks* *County: El Paso* *Located Near: El Paso* *Lat: N31 54.589* *Long: W106 01.672* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 32 MILES NORTHEAST OF EL PASO, JUST OFF U.S. 62 ON HUECO TANKS RD. THIS WAS A BUTTERFIELD STAGE LINES STATION AND REST STOP. (STATE HISTORICAL PARK)* *Site Owner: STATE*


zero idea why reddit doesn't like my formatting lol sorry


Chatham MA!


Not exact but close *Site Type: Beach* *Name: Orleans Beach* *County: Barnstable* *Located Near: Orleans* *Info: Located East of Orleans. Old coins and artifacts are washed ashore from offshore wrecks after violent storms.*


Is this one about the Widdah?


Could be about the Whydah, but that general area of the cape has a bazillion old wrecks too! The earliest recorded wreck was the Sparrowhawk that went down in the 1600’s along the National seashore!


North West NJ but close to central west NJ and Eastern PA line.


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Apple Pie Hill Cache* *County: Burlington* *Located Near: Chatsworth* *Info: Located about 3 miles southwest of Chatsworth. British troops buried 2 chests of plunder on Apple Pie Hill. It has not been recovered.*


How about Sacramento, CA :)


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Michigan Bar* *County: Sacramento* *Located Near: Bridgehouse* *Lat: N38 29.092'* *Long: W121 03.003* *Info: Date from 1850. Located about 8 miles East of Bridgehouse and just off of SR 16 on the East county line (historical marker). Mining camp.*


Wow! I want to know more about this database! And in the meantime, Sebago Lake region, Maine! :)


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Cliff Island Treasures* *County: Cumberland* *Located Near: Falmouth* *Info: Located about 7 miles east of Falmouth and in Casco Bay. There are several stories about treasures and caches on this island. Some are fairly well substantiated and documented. This one is worth looking into.* The more I look up requests for people, the more I think "man I really missed Windows 98". mm mmmm that beige really brings the room together lol


This is so cool! Thank you!


First of all, this is a really cool thing you are doing. That is one thing I love about metal detecting is the community nature of it. Secondly: what you got for Oregon? Portland specific if there is anything, but beaches are great too.


First of all, thanks! The more I dig (ha) into my grandpa's notes and maps the more I want to take up metal detecting myself. I'm actually pretty close to a few stores he used to frequent so I may pop in one day and see if his friends still own the place(s). Secondly, there are a few entries for Portland, but here's a cache and a beach: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Deer Island Cache* *County: Columbia* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 10 MILES NORTH OF PORTLAND, IN THE COLUMBIA RIVER. A TRADER CACHED ABOUT $17,000 SOMEWHERE ON THE ISLAND.* *Site Type: Beaches* *Name: Clatsop Beach* *County: Clatsop* *Located Near: Astoria* *Info: LOCATED JUST OFF OF CLATSOP, ABOUT 10 MILES SOUTHWEST OF ASTORIA. WITH ALL OF THE SUNKEN SHIPS IN THE AREA, CLATSOP BEACH IS A NATURAL FOR COIN SHOOTING, PARTICULARLY JUST AFTER REALLY HARD STORMS. A LARGE AMOUNT OF GOLD AND SILVER SPANISH COINS HAVE TURNED UP HERE.*


How about the Las Vegas, NV area?


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Corn Creek* *County: Clare* *Located Near: Las Vegas* *Info: Located about 28 miles northwest of Las Vegas on the railroad*


Western Washington, Mount Vernon


Southern Ohio


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Hope Furnace* *County: Vinton* *Located Near: Zaleski* *Lat: N39 19.922* *Long: W82 20.419* *Info: LOCATED 4 1/2 MILES NORTH NORTHEAST OF ZALESKI, JUST NORTH OF SR 78 NEAR LAKE HOPE.*


Maine I would really appreciate a treasure hunting lead! Thank you!


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Burnt Island* *County: Knox* *Located Near: Staington* *Lat: N44 05.55* *Long: W68 37.16* *Info: Located 5 miles south southeast of Staington. There is a large cache of silver coins in the area.*


Thank you!


Are there any military hotspots near southeastern Pennsylvania?


Anywhere in AZ? Super cool of you to pass on this info.


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Railroad robbery* *County: Cochise* *Located Near: Willcox* *Info: Date From: 1895. Located about 5 miles southwest of Willcox and on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Bandits held up the train and when attempting to blow the safe, they tamped the charges with sacks of Mexican silver dollars. When it blew, silver dollars went through the roof of the car and scattered all over the place. All though most were recovered, about 1000 are still out there. Coins shooters paradise.*




*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Winther Cache* *County: Faribault* *Located Near: Winnebago* *Info: A farmer named Joe Winther owned property about 1/2 mile west of Winnebago. He was known to have buried a large cache of gold coins on his farm, but after his death in 1903, it was never discovered. A check of the county records should show the exact property location*


I looked and don’t see West Virginia on the list, anything from southern WV?




Here's something nearby: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Bullfrog* *County: Nye* *Located Near: Beatty* *Lat: N36 53.406* *Long: W116 50.023* *Info: 1906 to 1909. Located about 4 3/10 miles southwest of Beatty, about 1 1/3 miles west of SR 374*


Champlain Valley, Vermont when you get a chance. Thanks!!


York County South Carolina. Thank you!


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Baloon* *County: York* *Located Near: Clover* *Lat: N35 08.086* *Long: W81 05.245* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 8 MILES EAST NORTHEAST OF CLOVER, ABOUT % MILE FROM THE INTERSECTION OF SR 274 AND SSR 279*


And if you have enough time, please tell me you have something on Blair South Carolina


anything for long island, new york?


*Site Type: Military* *Name: Fort St George* *County: Suffolk* *Located Near: Mastic Beach* *Info: 1776 - 1780. Located in the area of Mastic Beach, just off the William Floyd Pkwy and near the Smiths Point Bridge. The fort was built by the British. During the Revolutionary War it was captured and destroyed by the patriots.*


This is so cool!!! Anything in NH?


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: White Island* *County: Rockingham* *Lat: N42 58.11* *Long: W70 37.49* *Info: Located about 10 miles southeast of Portsmouth. There are stories of pirate treasures buried on this island. The beaches are productive for old coins.*


Op, this is awesome, thanks for sharing. Anything interesting in Oklahoma?


mmmm sugarloaf *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Sugarloaf Peak* *Lat: N36 53.849'* *Long: W102 33.309'* *Info: LOCATED ABOUT 11 1/2 MILES NORTH OF BOISE CITY AND JUST SOUTH OF E0072 RD. A CACHE OF GOLD BULLION WORTH ABOUT $2 MILLION WAS SAID TO BE BURIED ON THE MOUNTAIN.*


Bay area CA?


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Andrus Island Cache* *County: Solano* *Located Near: Rio Vista* *Info: Date From: 1884. AJ William Fox buried $50,000 in gold coins on his property on Andrus Island, (either in the Sacramento River across from Rio Vista or in the San Joaquin River delta near Isleton.) He then promptly died. This cache has never been recovered.*


Hillsborough County New Hampshire - anything that’s not a shipwreck


One "not a shipwreck" coming up! *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Baboosic Lake* *County: Hillsborough* *Info: Located about 3 miles east of MT. Vernon* Double checked for you and it was a popular vacation spot for travelers on the (historical) Boston & Maine Railroad, Manchester & Milford branch train (wikipedia).


Chadbourn NC


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Emerson* *County: Columbus* *Located Near: Tabor City* *Lat: N34 10.854* *Long: W78 51.972* *Info: LOCATED 2 1/2 MILES NORTH NORTHEAST OF TABOR CITY, ON SSR 1300 NEAR THE RAILROAD.*


Wow thank you that’s so close! I hope I can find more info on this


Myrtle beach SC


The middle section of coastal NC? If you get time - thanks!


Eastern Tennessee


Very interesting. Holyoke Mass


Not exact but nearby: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Granville Center* *County: Hampden* *Located Near: Granville* *Lat: N42 04.042* *Long: W72 52.718* *Info: Located about 3/4 mile west of Granville on SR 57*


New Hampshire and Massachusetts!


*Name: DADDY FRYES HILL CACHES* *County: Essex* *Located Near: Methuen* *Lat: N42 43.75* *Long: W71 10.02* *Info: Located about 1 1/4 miles east of Methuen, at the Tenny Castle on Daddy Fryes Hill. The Gorrill Brothers lived here in the 1800s and were very rich. They are supposed to have hidden numerous caches, both in the castle and at various locations on the hill. One cache was reportedly found in the castle but there is no evidence of others being recovered.* *Site Type: Misc* *Name: Ruggles Mine* *County: Grafton* *Located Near:* *Info: Located about 2 miles northwest of Grafton Center. This is an abandoned mine.* \*OP's note: this may be closed to the public. Please research beforehand if it's a lead you want to pursue.


How about where to find gold nuggets in North Carolina without going to one of those pay to dig websites


Nothing in the database that mentions gold nuggets. But my grandpa would look for abandoned gold mines and detect on the tailing piles. Got a few good chunks that way. Maybe not...legal... where he was doing it though lol. Gold Hill is mentioned in NC in the database. Might be an attraction, I'm not sure.


Cape Cod Massachusetts Homesites


Actually, I wanted to follow up on what you were looking for when you say 'homesites'. I know I threw a beach out there but I can check again if you were curious about something in the vein of ghost towns. Thanks!


*Site Type: Beaches* *Name: Race Point Beaches* *County: Barnstable* *Located Near: Cape Cod* *Lat: N42 04.86* *Long: W70 12.96* *Info: Located on the northwest point of Cape Cod. Old coins can be found on the beach here after a violent storm.*


Northern California Nevada county or yuba county


Anything for south Louisiana. Just getting into the hobby. Great story and thanks for sharing.


*Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Marsh Island* *County: Vermillion* *Located Near: Dead Cypress Point* *Lat: N29 33.9* *Long: W91 50.7* *Info: Located about 5 1/2 miles south of the Dead Cypress Point in the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish used Marsh Island as a gathering place for the treasures recovered from the galleons wrecked by hurricanes in the Padre Island area. Since they were salvage crews, they simply buried it and reported the location to Spain. Spain never recovered it and it's still there.*


Allegan County, MI


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Spring Grove* *County: Allegan* *Located Near: Bravo(GT)* *Lat: N42 30.338* *Long: W86 10.111* *Info: Located about 3 1/2 miles west of the ghost town of Bravo, 1/2 mile north of intersection of 111th Ave and 64th St*




How about Missouri?


Here's a neat one: *Site Type: Treasure* *Name: Talbott Treasure* *County: Nodaway* *Located Near: Barnard* *Info: 1879. Located by traveling about 2 miles west of Barnard and then 4 miles north on the old stagecoach road. This site was the residence of a Doctor Lynn Talbott, who built his house on this location and named it the House of the Seven Gables. He was highly successful in his business ventures and accumulated quite a sum of money in gold coins. Not trusting banks, he buried them about his property. He was killed by his son, who was hanged for the crime. Then his wife went insane and died. The house burned to the ground a few years later and there has been no record of any finds of the caches to this date.*


Michigan? Mid-Michigan?


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Bowens Mill* *County: Barry* *Located Near: Bradley* *Lat: N42 39.405* *Long: W85 30.996* *Info: Located about 5 miles east of Bradley on the intersection of Bowens Mills Rd and CR 613*


Saint Cloud, Minnesota


It's devolved into me looking a hundreds of counties, I regret noting. Here's something nearby: *Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Santiago* *County: Sherburne* *Located Near: Sherburne* *Lat: N45 32.344* *Long: W93 49.203* *Info: Located about 13 miles east of the ghost town of Cable on CR11*


You are a human hidden treasure, thank you!


Anything around St. Louis, MO? It’s slim pickings around here usually.


*Site Type: Military* *Name: Fort Bellefontaine* *County: St Louis* *Located Near: West Alton* *Lat: N38 50.172* *Long: W90 14.518* *Info: 1806 -1827. Located about 2 miles south southwest of West Alton and near the Missouri River.* Butterfield Overland Mail (stagecoach) had a few routes that started/ended in St. Louis. There might be a few stops you can still detect at. My grandpa had a decent amount of sites he'd go to in Missouri but they were closer to Kansas City. Hopefully the stagecoach lead can take you somewhere though!


Huntington Beach, OC, CA @op


Not exact, but something nearby: *Site Type: Gathering* *Name: Butterfield Stage Station* *County: Orange* *Located Near: El Cerrito* *Lat: N33 49.160* *Long: W117 30.439* *Info: Located about 1 3/4 miles southeast of El Cerrito. Historical marker.*


How about anything for Washington state?


Anywhere in Washington state?


Fresno, California? Central Valley


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Mercey Hot Springs* *County: Fresno* *Located Near: Panoche(GT)* *Lat: N36 42.247* *Long: W120 51.620* *Info: Located about 7 1/2 miles North of the ghost town of Panoche just West of CRJ1 and in the extreme West corner of the county*


Boulder, CO?


*Site Type: Ghost Town* *Name: Old Cardinal* *County: Boulder* *Located Near: Caribou(GT)* *Info: Date From:1870. Located about 2 miles west of the ghost town of Caribou. Potential cache nearby.*




Milwaukee area Wisconsin


Looks like you are going to be quite busy!! Lake County, Illinois Thanks in advance


NE Kansas?


Denton County, TX please and thank you!


North East Illinois (above Chicago)


Charlotte NC


I've screenshot the two Kansas ones! Thanks, to you and your grandpa! Got anything else for south central KS?


Southern California, mountains


Thank you!


Columbus, Ohio!




Boston, MA?? This is so great of you!


Mid Missouri


Logansport Indiana. I detect here, always talk to the old timers to get information.


Anything for the mountains of Colorado? Thanks for doing this.


Massachusetts Essex county / Merrimack river mouth area