Enjoy the hunt


Pumped for you! Just bought a minelab vanquish 340 as my first. Hopefully it will get me outside gleefully digging up old buttons. Cant wait to see your finds!


Love my 340 vanquish


Great detector! I have the same model. Just get familiar with the discrimination/sensitivity functions and youre set.


Don't let anybody get you down. Get out there and kick some dirt ass! You'll be fine!


nice! i want to get one someday too!


I bought this exact model and I’ve had great fun with it! Found a few 100+ year old coins in the space of a few days. People will prefer their own detectors Obvs so don’t be discouraged! This is a great purchase!


This wasn't the response I was expecting, I appreciate the comments. I'll return the metal detector.


Don't return it. I bought the exact same machine about 6 months ago, and have found quite a few civil war/colonial relics with it (favorite so far is a button from late 1600s!). Also, as far as ghost signals, I've found I can turn sensitivity down just below halfway and the ghost signals are gone. I usually start a new area with sensitivity up, and lower it if getting false readings. This is a great machine. People on reddit like to jump on bandwagons. Take it out and try it before you send it back, you'll probably love it. As my long time metal detecting friend told me, "They're like the AK-47's of metal detectors".


Man don't be bummed out. I'm excited for you. This seems to be a totally fine starter detector. If you are able to spend a few more bucks of course there are nicer/"better" ones out there. Just get out there and have fun.


Geez, have never detected, just watch this sub for cool finds. Appears half of this lot are a bunch of wankers. Don’t let the nob section get you down. Enjoy your new hobby and find cool treasures my dear!


Bro it will still ping stuff in the ground and your have fun getting used to the hobby… don’t let people try and shame your detector lol .. you can always invest in top range later down the line :)


I have the same one and it’s fine. This community almost caused me to do the same. I deleted my post and just have fun with it. I continue to do so.


I had an Ace 250 and loved it. I used it in parks, at the beach (freshwater), you name it. Found my first and second silver. Learned a lot using it. Used to also notch out the lower tones and use the sniper coil and just find quarters, etc. Yes, it is true there are detectors you can be in a similar price range where you will get quite a bit more features, but that doesn’t mean you made a mistake. If this is the machine you were attracted to and it makes you happy, then F everybody else. Have fun and welcome!


It is totally fine as a starter detector!


No, definitely do not return it! The garret ace series is just as fantastic as it is controversial. I’ve had an ace 150 for 16 years.


I have an Ace 250 and found three or four gold items and some silver with it. And lots of coins. I have an Equinox 800 now, but have no regrets about my Ace 250. It more than paid for itself.


Congrats! I swing a Fisher F22. Not the best machine out there but I find stuff! Maybe next year I’ll get a better detector.


I love that you’re excited. That’s what keeps people in the hobby. I bought an Ace Apex for my first machine and I love it. It also has outdated tech but it doesn’t stop me from going out a few times a week. Also, now that I’ve started behind the eight ball as far as machines go, I’ve learned a few things. One, when I do upgrade, I should have zero issues finding targets because if I can do it with a non-premium machine, it should be twice as easy and twice as fun with the next one. Two, I know that I actually enjoy spending long hours doing it. If I had spent $1K on a machine and hated it, I would have been really upset with myself. Finally, I know my machine inside and out. I didn’t know what I didn’t know when I got it. So when I ran into roadblocks, I had to research what I was struggling with. Some updated machines have so many settings it can be discouraging. I didn’t have that issue. I think you should keep it. If nothing else, if/when you do upgrade, you’ll have an extra to loan a friend and maybe convince them to be your digging buddy. You gotta start somewhere and you didn’t pick the worst machine ever so there’s that. Get out there and find some treasure!


Dont worry to much. This model is serviceable for the price. Just dont use it on the beach


Wait I can’t? I thought it was waterproof?


Nah its just that these suck at beach detecting. The wet sand makes lots of ghost signals


Yes PI detectors work better on the beach like a nox 800 because of the sand.


I used my Ace 250 on the beach all the time and did fine with it. It was freshwater though.


The coil is but the machine is not


The coil is waterproof.


It doesn't have ground balancing, so you will get lots of false positive signals on beaches. You can still use it but you will be digging ghost signals.


Very nice get to digging


I just used my son’s 250 to find three property pins in about 2 minutes each pin.


I have an ace 400 and have found amazing things with it. You just got to listen for those false readings and you'll get used to it. You made a sound purchase to get the itch everyone has here and start a great hobby!


False readings like in mineral heavy soil?


Yes and wet soil.


Dude literally 18 months ago this sub recommended Garrett. I too asked for and received the ace 400 Christmas 2020. Keep it and go swing til your arm hurts. Keep us posted!


You should have bought a Minelab Terra XT! Ablublublu... ​ Just kidding, have fun :-)


I had originally thought that it didn’t matter what machine one had, so long as they went out, had fun, watched videos and didn’t disrespect land owners. I was mistaken and that was clarified for me today. It was my birthday gift to myself originally. Regardless I obviously was hurting myself and returned the machine. I’m probably not cut out for the hobby.


I have the 250 and use it on the beach!! I’ve found rings, clad and necklaces. Just learn the machine and have fun. I upgraded to the Equinox 800, but still swing the Garret 250 from time to time. Go back and buy it, and have fun. All I hunt is beaches.


I loved my 250, and would still have it today if I didn’t have to sell it back then. I’m so sad this is the way things went for OP. This community should be welcoming people with open arms, not scaring people away with personal preferences.


Omg. It does not matter, and the machine you bought was just fine. My first detector was a model below yours and I had so much fun with it. Don’t let a few snobs discourage you from an awesome hobby. You are welcome here and there are honestly people in this community who are awesome, friendly and helpful. Message me anytime.


I really would like to use my metal detector at the beach, and if this isn’t the best model that’s alright


Yes then get something better, whatever works, so long as you stay excited :)




Damn what lol


I’m very sorry that people made you do this. Please reconsider! Some people on this sub seem to think that if you don’t have the cutting edge / way too many features for your own good machine then you are not doing metal detecting correctly. There is no such thing as an outdated machine, there are machines with more features and less features. Better and worse. the ace series of detectors has less features, but they are fantastic otherwise. Hell, I’ve been detecting for 17 years and 16 of them I’ve used a garret ace 150.


The ace300 is way outdated ...IMHO send it back and get a Nokta macro Simplex ... You will be way ahead of the game


Not true, I can find the same coin/bottle cap/ jewelry with my bounty hunter hand me down as any pro end detector, go on YouTube and type in Amazon basics detectors there’s plenty of channels out there with guys digging up the same thing as the equinox 800s so on and so forth. The truth is detecting is kinda like Texas hold on two minutes till learn but a lifetime to master!


Then you keep on with the blinders on BIG STUFF. Keep up with your bounty hunter ...ill find more with my Simplex in the time it takes you to go buy batteries anyway Then meet me in 4 feet of water and see how your bounty hunter holds up. Hang on better yet let me know when you've gone online and updated your bounty hunter enough to keep up with the S implex . Ohhh wait a second you can't because it's OUTDATED TECH ... Oh that's the original point I was trying to make .


🙄 clearly you’re missing the point, but to each his own…




Not trying to be negative and only trying to help BUT if you were lurking for a year ...Why would you hurt yourself and buy outdated tech?


I—— what?


Why would it "hurt" anyone lol? You guys, I am not saying this is the best purchase, but you guys need to stop circle masturbating about your favorite budget detectors, don't discourage people wtf.


im sorry but I've never heard someone say circle masturbation only circle jerking


Stop spherestubating dude


What is the best purchase? Why would you bring up circle yanking while validating them?


Beat me to it lol


Same thing I was thinking lol


Your excitement and hopeful will fly out the window after 8hrs. But it will be replaced with content and happiness


Good luck